Fondacio Chile delivered school supplies to children in need !

It is time to join forces and support all together our neediest children who, like all of us, are doing their best to face the pandemic without neglecting their online classes. For this reason Fondacio Chile joined the campaign promoted by the Araucarias de El Barrero Neighborhood Council to deliver 230 sets of school supplies to facilitate the tremendous effort made by these young people and their low-income families.

The bag included materials such as: college notebooks, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, a ream of letter size paper, a ruler, a highlighter and 50 transparent bags.

Each block leader of the Araucarias neighborhood council was responsible for distributing the ball from house to house, which was distributed between April 24 and 28. These sets of school supplies were even enough for some of the children of the Las Canteras neighborhood council and the soccer school.

Fondacio Chile would like to thank once again the Araucarias Neighborhood Council for allowing us to join this valuable initiative in favor of so many children and neighboring families.

We invite you to enjoy the following photos, which reflect the joy of the benefited children:

Fondacio ChileFondacio ChileFondacio ChileFondacio ChileFondacio ChileFondacio Chile


Fondacio in Chile since 1980

Fondacio's mission in Chile is to act against the challenges of this time as Christ would do in our place.
The community experience offers spiritual and human growth. In addition, we train the young initiators of continental change ( IFF America ).

Our programs work with children and pre-teens (Biblioteca Los Almendros), disabled (Centro Ocupacional Hortiterapeutico), vulnerable families ( "Un Hogar mas digno", "Jesus Carpintero", "Reciclo", ), people in a street situation ( "Mi Proximo" ) and all people with limited resources.

There is a Children's Ministry (6 to 12 years old), different fraternities open to people of all ages (Santiago Gospel, Oasis, Sticks of Hope, Center, etc.) and several community groups of Seniors (people over 70 years old). Everyone is invited to participate in different community meetings and retreats during the year.

Ignacio Troncoso is responsible for Fondacio Chile, the second responsible is Consuelo Silva. The other members of the Council are: Paula Vargas, Francisco Ríos, Lisette Catarino, Rafael Arcos and Luis de la Vega.