Fondacio Chile : Global climate action day

Fondacio Chile : After the successful day of action for the climate, held on March 11, AIEC published a video summary, showing the participation of different entities in favor of the climate.

Fondacio Chile did its part in the event by ringing the bells for 11 minutes at the Nuestra Señora de los Pobres Parish and the Jesus Pastor Chapel, located right in front of Centro Los Almendros.

For this we had the collaboration of the Parish Priest Julio Diaz who has given all the facilities for the ringing of the respective bells. In these places were present some people of the Reciclo program to promote recycling, composting and community gardens.

- What is Reciclo? 

Through an environmental approach, Reciclo promotes community life in a vulnerable neighborhood of Santiago, Chile.

The neighborhood, where the headquarter of Fondacio in Chile is located, is located in Huechuraba, town in the north of Santiago. This sector is in a great situation of vulnerability due to several problems (drugs, violence and crime, precarious work, unemployment, significant number of single mothers and isolation of the elderly). The little environmental education and the lack of community life are very remarkable.

Inspired by projects such as "La tricyclerie" in France or "Incredible foodstuffs" in England, the idea of Reciclo was born ​​in 2018 to organize the collection of organic waste in tricycles, the construction of community gardens and environmental awareness workshops. It concretized in 2019.

Reciclo proposes several axes of action:

Composting. Recycling of organic matter (composting). Reciclo organizes the biweekly collection of organic waste from each household in tricycles and collects organic waste in different types of composters (vermicompostera, Bokashi ...) built in community.

Community gardens. In the medium term, Reciclo wants to use the fertilizer generated by these composters in the realization of community gardens in the squares of the sector. In the long term, it also seeks to promote a healthier diet with the use of vegetables grown in these gardens.

Educational workshops. Reciclo teaches the care of the environment through sensitization workshops: separation of garbage, operation of compost, realization of orchards, principles of permaculture, manufacturing of "zero waste" products, etc.

Clean Point. In the near future, Reciclo wants to build a clean point in the neighborhood to make it easier for residents to separate all their recyclable waste (PET, cardboard / paper, glass, cans, Tetra Pack). That will reduce waste and increase recycling.

You can review the complete summary of AIEC in the following video: Click here to watch the video