Fondacio Chile : Housing for social integration

As you may recall, in early June, during the second meeting of Fondacio Chile's Extended Pastoral Assembly, the decision was made to present a social development housing project to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development. The underlying reason is the need for part of Fondacio Chile's land to be used for the construction of decent housing to which 290 families of medium and low income can have access.

The decision to apply for a project such as this one takes into account the growing reality of the "campamentos" and the reality of the "allegados" existing in Chile in the last 4 years and the need for Fondacio to listen to this reality and contribute with a proposal in this regard.

Fondacio Chile

The project was finally presented to the Ministry of Housing and Urbanism and is currently awaiting the corresponding approval, which could take place during the month of September.

If the response is positive, it would be necessary to allocate two
hectares of land for the construction of the houses, which could be completed in approximately 4 years.

This type of social integration housing programs are promoted by the Chilean government and seek to solve the difficulty of vulnerable and middle-income families to have access to their own home, due to the lack of supply of projects in consolidated and socially integrated neighborhoods, i.e. that are close to services such as transportation, education and health.