Fondacio Chile : News from Our Volunteers

Cecile Favreau, who worked with the Fondacio Chile and Reciclo team, returned to her native France at the end of March to work in Paris, in the beautiful setting of Versailles, where she took on the position of Development of the Fondacio Centers, which they have named Laudato Si Center .

Since her arrival in France, Cecile has been able to meet with several of the French volunteers who were serving in the development programs in Chile.

Fondacio Chile
In the pictures, you can see Clemente, Camille and Solene, architects who worked on Un Hogar Más Digno.
Cyprien and Julie, who spent two years volunteering in Fondacio chile, even in times of pandemic, were married on May 15, and we express our most sincere congratulations to the newlyweds!

Fondacio Chile

Fondacio in Chile since 1980

Fondacio's mission in Chile is to act against the challenges of this time as Christ would do in our place.

The community experience offers spiritual and human growth. In addition, we train the young initiators of continental change ( IFF America ).

Our programs work with children and pre-teens (Biblioteca Los Almendros), disabled (Centro Ocupacional Hortiterapeutico), vulnerable families ( "Un Hogar mas digno", "Jesus Carpintero", "Reciclo", ), people in a street situation ( "Mi Proximo" ) and all people with limited resources.

Fondacio has been operating in Chile since 1980 in its capital Santiago.

There is a Children's Ministry (6 to 12 years old), different fraternities open to people of all ages (Santiago Gospel, Oasis, Sticks of Hope, Center, etc.) and several community groups of Seniors (people over 70 years old). Everyone is invited to participate in different community meetings and retreats during the year.