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Living together because we are all brothers! Find out the words of Marianne de Boisredon, head of Fondacio France !

The current period of health, economic and social crisis reminds us of the importance of listening to the calls of the Holy Spirit to work for the common good. We are facing unprecedented societal challenges, but they are also opportunities to feed the mill of our faith!

Fondacio took part in the Mission Congress in Paris on 25, 26 and 27 September. This national evangelisation fair, which brought together different movements and communities, was a platform for beautiful encounters, and a platform for a programme that will provide fuel for the mission!

Pope Francis' encyclical "Fratelli Tutti", "All Brothers", which was just published on October 4th, highlights the importance of nurturing fraternal links and overcoming the various pitfalls of withdrawal. As Christians, we are bearers of a Hope, which our baptism invites us to share with all. Pope Francis tells us so well: "Faith must be transmitted. Not to convince but to offer as a treasure".

Together with others of the charismatic movement, Fondacio has the specificity of proposing this openness to the Holy Spirit even to those who are far away, even to the peripheries of the Church. We live fraternity in concrete terms in our regular sharing groups, during sessions, during high points and in our centres. If baptism reminds us that we are children of God and, like Jesus, sent on mission in the diversity of our charisms, the signs of the times push us more than ever to the positive pollination of Hope to prevent despair.

In Fondacio, we use the image of the heart that seeks to impel a more human and just world. From our spirituality and our human pedagogy, we tell everyone how unique and important they are, while being one among others. Everyone is invited to live as a brother or sister of others in order to embody a fraternal society, which is ordered on the basis of the free gift and the sense of service, emanating freely from each person.

Fondacio's mission is to build a more human and just world, based on the specificity of each person. We like to say "No new world without new people! ». The members of Fondacio thus commit themselves to move forward on their journey to transform themselves and their relationships. This transformation takes place within themselves but also through fraternal sharing and friendship.

Within Fondacio, we bring to life places of commitment to embody the change we wish for the world. We deploy a Laudato Si' approach in our centres in Versailles and Angers to offer spaces, in which it is possible to give oneself, to fill one's heart with fraternal life and to live one's relationship with the Holy Spirit, to one's own measure.

* To "equip" our discernment in the face of today's challenges, a series of conferences "Actors of Change" will be offered each month, starting in November, in Angers and online, with quality speakers. Gaël Giraud, Véronique Fayet and Dominique Lang and others will come to nourish our reflection and help us to better understand the stakes of this world.

* At L'Ermitage Centre in Versailles, a whole programme "growing in ecological coherence" starts in October. In the regions, the local teams are launching their new proposals to accompany each and every one of us on our journey through life.

In short, autumn will be a mobilising and fruitful time!

My wishes? May we always be able to cultivate fraternity, share Hope and experience the wonder within ourselves in order to pass it on to others!

Marianne de Boisredon, Head of Fondacio in France


Marianne de Boisredon Fondacio France

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