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IFF Africa wants to be a "revealer of talents" for the service of a more humane world: commitment to offer services through training in order to lead each trained person to be an actor and vector of development in the society. The objective is the training of young people and adults to implement a professional project that makes sense, at the service of society in order to become agricultural entrepreneurs.

The context

The issue of poverty is recurrent in most African countries. One of the defining features of this poverty is youth unemployment and underemployment; This youth is the spearhead for the development of this continent. Out of schools and universities with their degree, and in the hope of socio-professional integration, young people often face difficulties. Unemployed therefore, they see their lives threatened by lack of survival resources, and cannot therefore meet their basic needs and find themselves in a situation of poverty or put themselves on the road to immigration.

Faced with these challenges, the challenge is to promote agricultural entrepreneurship through the revaluation, in the various environments, of agricultural trades and the improvement of farming techniques to give hope to young people. This involves access to training, land and credit.

It is in this context that the "Agricultural Entrepreneurship" training program is set. It is about producing a critical mass of men and women, equipped with moral, technical and organizational capacities; a new body of human resources, transformed and endowed with a new entrepreneurial culture.


Main objective

Promote agricultural entrepreneurship or social agri-entrepreneurship to promote rural development

Specific objectives:
  • SO 1: Train and support young people in starting an agricultural entrepreneurship project 
  • SO 2: Respond to the training needs of young and beginning agricultural entrepreneurs through short and targeted training.
The main activities
  • Youth Training in Agricultural Entrepreneurship or Social Agri-Entrepreneurs • Modular training for professionals • Capacity building training for project stakeholders
  • Sichem Togo
  • International Aquaculture Research and Training Center (Center) Aqua-Reform

Every year, 10 to 15 people are trained in the field of agricultural entrepreneurship Around twenty professional actors see their capacity strengthened

The Team

The Institute has 2 main training offerings: the "Agricultural Entrepreneurship (EA)" training course which is the institute's flagship training offer and the "Leadership and Development of Projects (LDP)" training course.


ADINDJITA M. Ferdinand
117 rue des Siroccos Hountigomé
01BP3353 - Lome-Togo
Fixed tel: (+228) 22 61 46 05
Mobile Phone: (+228) 98 10 06 03/93112160
Email: amferdi2011@yahoo.fr


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