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Fondacio in Cameroun since 2008

"Fondacio Cameroon is a benevolent look at every man and at our common home, the Earth. We want to welcome every day so that it may be incarnated in us truly, the vocation to which God our Father calls us by saying to each and every one: "Rise and become yourself", with others and for the mission."

Origin of Fondacio Cameroon

Invited by Fondacio Togo in July 2007 to live the international Youth Forum of Togo City, Christian Roger OBAMA, amazed by this highlight of Fondacio, will bring this experience of lay commitment in the Church and in the world to Cameroon. To this end, he will first meet his bishop, Bishop Adalbert NDSANA, to whom he will present the community while handing over official documents, including the canonical statutes, among others. The welcome was rather favourable because Mgr. will suggest after this exchange that he is open to any community initiative of the laity that respects the canons of the Church and takes care of the human person on both the spiritual and human levels.

From 23 to 25 May 2008 in Akonolinga, in the presence of the parish priest of Notre Dame de Lourdes de Meyos, Abbé Apollinaire EBOGO, the very first pastoral team was formed and sent on mission by a team from the Africa Coordination who had come to Cameroon for this purpose: Josiane Amouzou, Alexis KADANI and Prudence Lawson

Today, Fondacio Cameroon is present in two parishes: the Notre Dame de Lourdes parish in Akonolinga and the Saint Marc de Soa parish in Yaoundé. It is in the process of being established in two other parishes in Yaoundé and in a Protestant parish.

Pastoral team

  • Christian Roger OBAMA, Country Manager
  • Arsène OBAM OBAM, Second in charge
  • Sandrine Willie BOMBOU KEMBOUG, Member, Youth CAF Manager 
  • Joël TCOUMI, Member, Head of CAF Couples and Families
  • Josiane Danielle TCHOUNGA TCHUIGOUA
  • François Nicaise SEDNA, member; Head of Development and Solidarity Projects.
  • Laurent BEYENE, Member, Accounting and Finance
average income

211 $/month

Annual growth



24% pop.

Human  Index

0.556 (151th)

life expectancy

58 years

Situation of poverty

30% pop.

Our actions in Cameroun

Youth CAF: Each year according to the possibilities, a time of evangelization for young people: (Christian Youth Week - SemJec) is organized 

Camp site "Faith through works". 

             "Thus, therefore, faith, if it is not implemented, is indeed dead. On the other hand, we will say: you have faith; I have the works. Show me therefore your faith without works; I will show you faith by my works" Jas 2:17-18

With the IFF Europe Volunteers ( "Tremplin" and "Open" Courses)

  • Renovation of the Marian cave of the parish of Notre Dame de Lourdes in Akonolinga in 2014 (65 young people involved)

Time for immersion in families and community prayer 

Leisure time for all

CAF training time Couples and families: Training times for couples and families with the BARTH couple

Our projects in perspective: 

  • Christmas Arch Centre ( Laudato Si Centre)
  • Caravan of evangelization "Sounds and Light" (Formation to liturgical songs and music, evangelization...)


Fondacio Cameroon:

Fondacio in Cameroon

Christian Obama

Christian Obama

In charge of Fondacio in Cameroon.

Fondacio, for me, is one of the graces that God has given to humanity. This grace is not told, it is lived, and I experience it every day in the fraternity lived with the members. What builds me up and makes me stand up is called FRIENDSHIP. At the heart of the challenges and multiple commitments I have received a lot. Today, I can easily speak in public and connect with others. Which is something I wasn’t able to do about ten years ago. In my thirst to discover the mystery of the Holy Scriptures, I was able to study Theology and better understand what salvation is. I got this training thanks to Fondacio.

What motivates me in my mission, is above all, the time I get to spend with the youth, especially during the week-long gathering of about a hundred young people that takes place each year in Cameroon. This meeting is the perfect way, with Fondacio's good tools, to help young people believe in themselves, in order to trigger, for themselves and by themselves, a better future.

I was very impressed, in 2014, by the visit of volunteers from the "Tremplin" and "Open" programs of the Institute of Formation Fondacio “IFF Europe”. Young volunteers were happy to connect to the world to provide answers, in their own way. But the strength of their commitment to go to new and unknown territories has edified me to also follow the path of voluntary service among my brothers. "NEVER LOOK AT OTHERS WITH INFINITE REMINISCENCE"

This is the sentence that feeds my daily enthusiasm for serving others and I thank you for it.

Institute of Formation Fondacio

IFF Africa wants to be a "revealer of talents" for the service of a more humane world. 

Economical context

The Cameroonian economy is the most diversified in the region. Agricultural and forestry activities, which account for 22.2% of GDP (2014), are based on both cash crops (cocoa, coffee, banana, oil palm, sugar cane, rubber) and food crops (plantain). , corn, cassava ...).

The secondary sector accounts for 30.1% of GDP. Hydrocarbons remain an important part of the economy. The industry covers various sectors (beverages, sugar, oil, soap, milling, aluminum, cement, metallurgy, primary wood processing). The services sector (47.8% of GDP) is dominated by transport (especially ports), trade, mobile telephony and financial services.

Despite this diversification, the bulk of exports (80%) are based on unprocessed products. Trade flows with countries in the CEMAC zone account for only a small share of trade, and Cameroon alone accounts for 70% of intra-community agricultural trade in CEMAC. Cameroon's main trading partners are the EU, Nigeria and China.

Cameroon's economic growth has increased from around 2% in 2009 to 5.9% in 2015, 4.8% in 2016, 3.5% in 2017, and 3.8% in 2018 (estimate). Since 2010, average inflation has remained below 3%. Cameroon's public debt rose from 9.7% of GDP in 2008 to 36.9% of GDP in 2018. Wishing to put Cameroon on the road to emergence by 2035, the authorities have launched a major program structuring projects that aim to boost the economy.

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