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Creating a synergy of action and strengthening the organization of village communities in Togo

Rural development, health and well-being, education, culture and tradition are the fields of action of the AsFoToDe project, set up in 2017 for a synergy of action between two projects (The Ferme Nazareth and the Dispensaire Saint Etienne) of Fondacio Togo in Assomé (40 km from Lomé).

This synergy of action aims at a sustainable, integral and local development of the populations of the south-western zone of the Zio prefecture.

Assomé is a village of about 6000 inhabitants where most of the basic infrastructure (drinking water, dispensary, school, public latrines) was lacking. Fondacio Togo first built the Ferme Nazareth in 1990, and then in 1999 the Dispensaire Saint Etienne was built; other infrastructures will follow later (school buildings, water supply, etc.).

Our objective is to install basic socio-economic infrastructure such as school buildings and equipment, drinking water supplies and health, hygiene and sanitation facilities, renewable energy systems, conservation and agro-pastoral product processing systems in rural communities.

We conduct operations to inform and train young people, women and rural populations on agro-ecological techniques that are appropriate and adapted to their environments and living environments. Supporting the implementation of socio-economic initiatives that respect ecosystems through a social and solidarity-based entrepreneurship approach is one of AsFoToDe’s priorities.

Our approach aims to strengthen the organization of village communities in order to preserve socio-cultural heritage.

Geographic location : Assomé, Zio prefecture (Togo) Promoter : Fondacio Togo Person in charge : Josiane AMOUZOU Fondacio – 117 rue des Siroccos – BP 3353 – Hountigomé – Lomé (Togo) Tel : (+228) 22 61 46 05 / 90 12 61 16 Email :


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