Fondacio in Asia

Fondacio in Asia

A community of disciples in Asia going beyond the frontiers, going to the peripheries, in a mission of love and service to the youth, poor, couples & families.

Origin of the mission

Fondacio was born in 1974 in France, under the name of Communauté de Poitiers. In the spirit of the Second Vatican Council and as part of the "new communities" that emerged from the Charismatic Renewal, its purpose was the formation and evangelization of the younger generations.

It was first of all the reception in 1979 of four Vietnamese seminarians (boat-people) who took refuge in France and then the meeting of a priest from the Paris Foreign Missions (MEP) by young people from the Poitiers community on a mission in a refugee camp in Thailand, which brought Fondacio into contact with Asia.

This was followed by the call of The Most Reverend Dominic Vendargon, then Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur to young people in Poitiers to come and create a community in Malaysia. Seven of them left in 1981 for Malaysia, then to the Philippines to launch Fondacio in each of these countries.

Fondacio’s journey in Asia

Fondacio’s journey began in Asia through the birth of the two communities in the Philippines and Malaysia in 1981. The growth during the first decade was through the presence of French members of Fondacio who came to Asia as fulltime lay missionaries. The main orientation during the first decade was the transmission of the Spirituality of Fondacio and the formation of local leaders. The 1990s were a period of integrating this spirituality in the Asia context and the process of inculturation continues into the third millennium. The first 25 years was a period of rooting the communities in the local Filipino and Malaysian church. 

The 1st Asian Congress in 2006 marked the 25 years of Fondacio in Asia with a clear challenge- be at the service of the local churches in Asia. The launch of the Institute of Formation Fondacio, Asia (IFF Asia) in the same year was a step of faith to be at the service of the local churches in Asia- a response to the message of the Holy Father for the 3rd Millennium “ to go out into the deep.” The challenge of this message was a call towards mission: to move from Fondacio being active in local parish life to being sent in mission to other countries. 

Since 2000, visits had been made to Myanmar and later to China. In 2003 the leaders of Fondacio Malaysia and Philippines took a step of faith to start a mission in Myanmar and to continue mission trips to China.  To date, the Institute has welcomed young people from 16 Asian countries.  IFF Asia is a sign: a covenant of our commitment to be at the service of the local church and society in Asia. Today, we are a Community in Mission engaged in community building, evangelization activities, youth education and social development projects in Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam.

Our Teams in Asia

Regional Team – Alice Tan, Annie Yap, Florence Alexius & Roger Barelli

Asian Leadership Team – Aleona Natalio, Angelino Chan Jr., Douglas Teoh, Le Thi Tuyet An, Naw Julia, Pengpadit Thongsamay, Raymond Brang Aung, and Rodrigo Babiera Jr.

Our actions

Formation & Education Programs:

IFF Asia (Institute of Formation Fondacio Asia) – A hub of formation and regional learning network, helping young adults specialize or grow in their call and vocation. Offering programs equipping them with competencies to become change actors and project leaders for the renewal of Church and Society. Provides ongoing formation for persons and groups involved in Ministry and society with workshops on midlife transition, accompaniment, youth ministry, lay leadership, pastoral and strategic planning etc. 

YLDCs (Youth Livelihood and Development Centers) Across Asia - YLDC focuses on the youth, particularly those who are disadvantaged, to help them build a future for themselves, their families and society. It provides trainings and formations to help the youth develop the knowledge, skills and values that will make them self-reliant and give them opportunities for a better life. YLDC is present in Vientiane, Laos; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Yangon and Myitkina, Myanmar; and Quezon City, Philippines.

Evangelization Activities:

CLUB (Community Leaders Unity Building) – An opportunity for young people of different cultures and faiths to serve together for a common and shared experience. 

Youth and Evangelization Camps – Awaken young people to their uniqueness and potential as a human being, helping them to become responsible for their lives and encounter God’s love in new ways.

Social Projects:

Green Pastures – a rural community empowerment project in Tyegi village in Shwebo, Myanmar.

Youn Sone – a social enterprise born in Myanmar that promotes sustainable fashion through dresses made by women for women by adding a modern touch to traditional fabric.


Contact information:

Fondacio Asia Inc.

Radio Veritas Asia Compound Buick Street, 

Fairview Park 1118 Quezon City, Philippines 


Fondacio in Asia

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