Fondacio in Philippines

Fondacio in the Philippines since 1982

Empowering the youth, strengthening the families

Fondacio Philippines aims to form the young people and the families to be rooted in Christ’s love and to be equipped and empowered to do and live mission in their own realities.

Fondacio Philippines was born in 1982 through the coming of a few French Fondacio Members who stayed as full-time missionaries who shared Fondacio’s spirituality and built a community. The community grew and was able to reach out mostly to young professionals. In later years, different social development projects and missions emerged as well.

average income

440 $/month

Annual growth



9.7% pop.

Human  Index

0.699 (113th)

life expectancy

69.2 years

Situation of poverty

21.6% pop.

Our actions in Philippines

Fondacio Philippines make action principaly for Education, pastoral and evangelization

YLDC Philippines – training program for the out-of-school youth spearheaded by the Youth Core Team Growth group sharing for the youth, singles and couples & families to help them grow in their relationship with their selves, their families, communities and with God.

Youth Clubs are monthly personality and faith formations spearheaded by Heidie Dela Cruz (for the Good Shepherd Family & Life Ministry youth) and by Nicolo Punzalan (for the East Libis Community)

Youth Camps and Retreats catered to the youth, students and young professionals organized and implemented by the whole community sometimes in collaboration with partners such as schools, church ministries, parishes and other organizations.

Outreach activities are organized by the community to bring joy and hope to those in need and in distress.



Fondacio in Philippines
Fondacio Asia, Radio Veritas Asia Compound,
Buick St. Brgy. Fairview Park, Quezon City
+63 933 817 4024

Fondacio in Philippines

Fondacio Philippines

We work and live continuously to "Rebuild our community" with activities adapted to its needs.



Customer Service Representative, EGS

Hi everyone this is Cris ! I recently passed the final interview of EGS and I am going to be an UPS CSR. THANKS FOR ALL THAT YOU'VE TAUGHT ME.

Thanks for all your help, supports and prayers. I may not be the best student and I know I missed on some of my responsibilities. But I am really grateful that you have been there every time.




Customer Service Representative, Concentrix

I am Kim and I am a CSR in Concentrix. I have just been regularized recently and I am very happy for that. Of course, YLDC has been an important part of this journey of achieving my dreams. I am very happy because now I can support my family especially in times of trouble.

My work may be stressful and challenging sometimes but thanks to our training in YLDC, I am able to apply some of the things that they have taught us. We were taught how to make the most of our time, how to build healthy relationship with our co-workers, what attitudes to have in our work and towards our customer and other more.

In addition, I really enjoy the time I had with my batch-mates as well as getting to know the other students from other batches. It was an experience full of learning and memories filled with fun and care for one another. I am blessed to be part of this family.



YLDC Philippines – Student Batch 3

Hello. I am Cristina,19 years old, a graduate of YLDC from batch 3. I'm currently working at Omniglobe International as a Customer Service Representative-chat support for a pioneering account. I am doing well in my training and I'm in the probationary level now. I have faced a lot of challenges and difficulties since the beginning of my training until now. But it doesn't make me feel hopeless because in YLDC, I learned how to be strong in facing struggles in life.

Challenges have taught me how to improve myself to be a better person. The thoughts and motivations I gained from YLDC have led me to fulfill and achieve my dream in life. Thank you so much YLDC for all the support you have given to me, the non-stop support. You made me different from who I was before. God bless!



Documentation Officer in a Maritime Recruitment Company

I enjoy my work a lot, especially because of the nice people that I meet. However, I also face many challenges. There are instances where I am asked to work overtime and it is not always easy plus the distance I have to travel from Makati back Fairview very late at night is not always fun. But I always remember from YLDC that we have to commit to our job not only for our own sake, but also this serves as my small but significant contribution to our company’s success.

We were taught that our hard work will pay off, and that the benefit will not only be for me but for everyone. I would also like to thank YLDC for helping me improve myself and get over the limits of my shyness and self-doubt.



Account Officer, Santos Law Firm

YLDC helped me overcome my shyness. My experience in YLDC helped me develop good work ethics so that I can perform my tasks well. I also learn how to deal with different kinds of people over the phone or in person so that I can also gain their trust. In addition, YLDC taught me how to set short term and long-term goals that will inspire each day in building myself a brighter future. Few months after I completed YLDC, I was hired as an Account Officer. Thanks to my YLDC family because I became better youth who can communicate in English!



Customer Service Representative, Concentrix

I am happy to be part of YLDC’s 1st batch of students as well as to be one of their first Interns; When I finished phase 1 of the program, we moved to phase 2 – looking for job and becoming an OJT for a distribution company.

There were a lot of lessons I learned that I was able to apply in my job; to behave in a workplace (this for me, is the best), to present yourself professionally and communication skills. In addition, the program helped me increase my self-confidence, and made me more assertive.

I also admire the holistic approach that makes the YLDC far cry from the other training programs. Being part of the program was a great experience for me that I thought three months are not enough and have to be extended. For sure, this will help us youth to be more competitive and more ready to face the real world of business/work.

Institute of Formation Fondacio

Economical context

Economic growth in the Philippines remained robust at 6.2% in 2018, after 6.7% in 2017 and an average of 6.3% over the 2010-2016 period. Demand side, in 2018, public spending (+ 12.8%) and private investment (+ 13.9%) - mainly in the field of infrastructure and construction - were the main drivers.

Household consumption, fueled by remittances from overseas Filipinos, rose 5.6%, up from 5.9% in 2017, mainly due to inflationary pressures. The external sector contributed negatively to growth, with a record trade deficit of - 41.4 billion USD. The traditionally low investment rate continues to grow, with a 14% increase in gross fixed capital formation (GFCF) in 2014. GFCF accounted for 27% of GDP, after 25.1% in 2017 and 24.4% in 2016.

On the supply side, growth was driven by the services (+ 6.8%) and industry (+ 6.7%) sectors, while the agricultural sector remained sluggish (+ 0.9%). The economy is mainly driven by services (58% of GDP) , in particular the business process outsourcing segment  "With call centers first and foremost.

The tourism sector, in progression, is still underdeveloped with 7.1 million visitors in 2018 (+ 7.6%). The industry remains little diversified (34% of GDP), concentrating on the electronics sector (half of exports and more than a quarter of the country's imports) and agro-food industries. Despite the country's significant potential, the agricultural sector (8% of GDP) remains underdeveloped (low mechanization, lack of funding and infrastructure) and highly dependent on weather conditions.

The government expects a growth of 6 to 7% for 2019. Mid-April, the main financial institutions have slightly revised down their forecasts, around 6.4% for 2019 (against 6.6% previously) and 2020.

These adjustments are mainly attributable to the delay in the approval of the state budget (law promulgated on April 15) which weighs on the growth of public expenditures, the widening of the trade deficit and the El Niño climate phenomenon  which causes agricultural losses. Private consumption is expected to remain at a robust level driven by the sharp slowdown in inflation. In Q1 2019, growth slowed to + 5.6%.


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