IFF Europe - Belgium

IFFEurope.be in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

Becoming an actor of your life and show solidarity with others  Defining your orientation or professional project.

Becoming an actor of your life and show solidarity with others Defining your orientation or professional project

IFFEurope.be in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

Becoming an actor of your life and show solidarity with others Defining your orientation or professional project . The Institute of Formation Fondacio in Belgium offers two 16-week courses to help young people take charge of their lives and become actors in the world of tomorrow.

The Location

IFFEurope.be is located in a house in Louvain-la-Neuve. This city, founded in the 1970s by students, is vibrant, dynamic and full of youth-led projects. Many organizations offer committed activities, ranging from ecology to social work, sports and music. IFFEurope.be fits perfectly into this network of meaning and hope. Each young person is welcomed in a warm and family atmosphere so that they feel welcome, as they are. 

The context

Today's society is facing multiple transitions, particularly in higher education and the professional world. Thus, training paths and careers are no longer necessarily linear, opening up multiple fields of possibilities perceived as disconcerting and leaving young people in the dark. The current challenge is to take responsibility for one's own career and become an actor in one's academic and/or professional career. This is why IFFEurope.be offers what seems to be missing in the learning path; time to get to know yourself better, to trust your abilities, to learn to work with people different from yourself, to make decisions and to engage in the world. 

The objectives are

IFFEurope.be offers an innovative educational approach aimed at developing the whole human being. Thus, during various workshops, each young person can deepen their self-knowledge, their sensitivity to others and their commitment to the world. Our mission is to support the growth of these young people so that everyone can develop, at the heart of a caring group, their unique potential that just needs to be highlighted. 

The main activities

IFFEurope.be offers two 16-week courses to meet the needs of many young people today; to get to know each other better before committing to their studies or professional orientation. 

Numerous practical workshops (self-knowledge, relational and systemic development, communication, creativity, body expression, toolbox...), company visits, testimonies, individual and professional support sessions allow everyone to gradually define their project. 

 “It's five months of refocusing. It is about taking the time to get to know yourself, to discover what is important to you, to accept yourself as you are, to open up to new experiences and to dare to listen to yourself in order to make choices that correspond to you. " Ysaline, student of IFFEurope.be's Jump course. 

The TREMPLIN course is intended for young people with a high school diploma (C.E.S.S.) who are looking for orientation or reorientation towards higher education. Its particularities are a trip to Togo (with IFF Africa), a week of volunteering in Belgium and three weeks of professional observation internship.  

The JUMP course is aimed at young people with a post-secondary degree (Bachelor, M1, M2) with or without experience in the professional world. Its particularity is to offer exclusive meetings in multiple companies that inspire the world of tomorrow and to define its own professional identity card in close collaboration with a mentor.  

"Since you can't change the wind direction, you have to learn to orient the sails."
James Dean

In 20 years, society has radically changed. At a time of digital and ecological transition, landmarks, values ​​and challenges have shifted, considerably modifying the world of work, but also the needs and aspirations of new generations. It is from this observation that our two formations were born. They want to offer a solution to young people who are looking for a place to discover themselves and imagine a personal project consistent with the challenges of their time!


IIF Europe Belgium
Rue du Poirier 8
1348 Louvain-la-Neuve
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The partners

The Benoit Foundation, two family foundations and a Support Network composed of some fifteen patrons.

The team

Roland Vaxelaire, Virginie Dhellemmes, Véronique Guyot, Nicolas Gazon and Myriam Costermans.