Fondacio in Belgium

Fondacio in Belgium since 1980.

In order to make each person fully blossom in a more humane and just society.

Fondacio in Belgium, so that each person can blossom in a more humane and just society. In Belgium, our missions aim to help young people and adults to build themselves, couples to strengthen their love, seniors to give meaning to the years. We are also active with leaders, artists and poor people

Origin of the mission

Fondacio has existed in Belgium since 1980, following the animation by the French of a first young CCF (Christian Community for Training) week-end in the summer of 1980, then a CCN (Christians for the New City) week-end welcoming 180 to 200 people the same year.

The team managers in Belgium

For the period between 2017 and 2019, Béatrice Hertoghe is the Country Manager. The other members of the Board are Thierry Timmermans and Pierre Laloux, second in charge, Isabelle Deckmyn, Annaïk Cornet and Anne-Françoise Foret-Becquart.

Our main mission areas

The Youth axis is aimed at different groups: 12-14 years old, 14-17 years old, 18-30 years old. For this last age group, we also offer IFF Europe-Brussels training courses, involvement as Volunteers for the World, and a "Young-Pro" week-end every year in October. This axis offers days, weekends, + a camp per year (at Easter for 12-14 year-olds, in summer for 14-17-year-olds).

The Active and Professional Life axis, includes:

  • Fraternities: small monthly groups and larger quarterly group

  • The "Art & Beauty" group: a monthly group of artists, creative Beauty artists for Fondacio and in the service of the Church.

  • Couples & families: monthly Frats-Couples, Themed Mornings and a session each summer

  • Leaders: one week-end each year, in partnership with an abbey.


The Senior Citizens' axis, is carried out through 3 regional community groups: in Brussels, Walloon Brabant and the province of Liège. Members meet twice every months: once in a small group (household), once in a community group.

The Solidarity axis, supported by "Frat-Solidarity", works for all ages of life, towards the most disadvantaged (migrants, isolated people, etc.)


average income

795 $/month

Annual growth



6.85% pop.

Human  Index

0.843 (44th)

life expectancy

79 years

Situation of poverty

14.4% pop.

IFF Europe in Belgium is located in a house in Louvain-la-Neuve. This city, founded in the 1970s by students, is vibrant, dynamic and full of youth-led projects. Many organizations offer committed activities, ranging from ecology to social work, sports and music. 


Fondacio, Christians for the world

Rue des Mimosas, 64

1030 Brussels


Tel: +32 (0)2 241 33 57


Fondacio in Belgium



Animator during the couples’ session Fondacio

Everyone has chosen to be very caring and give their all to make the session a success.  It is a real joy to see the evolution of each child and to hear at the end that some did not want to leave.  I was deeply happy to offer parents a time to take care of their relationship.  This session brought together everything I love about Fondacio: sharing, depth, fun, sincerity, spirituality...



Participant in the Elders Community Group

At over 95 years old, how can I still be really part of Fondacio’s DNA "Being for"? I can donate money in a spirit of sharing. I can pray and that's the main thing. My prayer is weak: if I am asked to pray for the youth camp, it seems to be a little abstract.  But if I am asked to pray for Basil who is enrolling in this camp, then I will be much more motivated.  I imagine a young man full of enthusiasm but also of contradictions, and I pray that Fondacio will answer his questions.



Permanent in Fondacio in Belgium

When I was younger, I didn't know myself well. I think a lot of people are going through the same thing.  In the course of my search, I opened myself to God, to the All-Other. This quest is the story of my life.  Today I am more centered and pacified, I really want to share what I have received.  I offer training courses for couples by being in charge of themed mornings and evenings throughout the year. I am also part of a team that is looking for sponsorship to finance Fondacio's many projects in Belgium.