Fondacio in France

Fondacio in France since 1974

The founding country of Fondacio

Since the birth of the movement in the 1970s, Fondacio has constantly developed its specific pedagogy, dedicated to human and spiritual transformation for many people through various proposals. Fondacio's actions in France are currently organised around 4 programmes.

Education and Youth Programme

Because young people are the future of the world we want to build, many proposals are made to teenagers, students and young professionals to share and give meaning to their lives!

Fondacio France has set itself the challenge of supporting the dynamics of 18-30 year olds and enabling young people to experience the community. Proposals :

  • PIX course for young people aged 14/18,
  • 4 summer camps "Réussir sa vie",
  • the Actors' Forum,
  • orientation and revision sessions at the Abbey of Lérins,
  • maraudes,
  • youth fraternities, etc.


Key figures : 850 young people on the highlights 210 people at the service

Couples and Families Program

Faced with our society's challenge to preserve the family unit, Fondacio supports couples at all stages of their commitment to revitalize and consolidate life together.

Proposals are made to build a marriage project, learn to make choices for two, find a new balance between couple life and professional life, live a time to love and build a relationship, live Valentine's Day differently, etc.

Retired couples can regain a new lease of life at this important milestone with the "Re-treat your life" and "Together, in retirement, choose our life again" pathways.

Sessions also exist for people who are separated, divorced or widowed early on, in order to help them to get through these delicate life stages as well as possible and to recover. Key figures : 518 couples in France 290 torques on the highlights

Key figures : 518 couples in France 290 torques on the highlights,76 Fraternities, 13 proposals for routes, sessions, workshops and days throughout the year

Social and Humanitarian Program

Fondacio France carries out various solidarity actions in France, with people made vulnerable by isolation and precariousness.

The Centre de l'Ermitage in Versailles (78) houses an emergency accommodation and social reintegration centre during the winter season that accommodates around thirty people (in partnership with the Dom'asile association).

Shared activities are offered all year round: gardening, creativity, cooking, DIY... at the Centres de l'Ermitage in Versailles and de l'Esvière in Angers.

The social centre also organises solidarity holidays every summer to offer a week of change of scenery to around thirty single people, with or without children.

Key figures : 850 young people on the highlights, 210 people at the service

"Actors in the Heart of the World" Program

Fondacio France sends volunteers abroad to work on projects run by Fondacio or on a project linked to local communities.

Key figures : 37 people are currently on "volunteer" missions 28 years of average age


Marianne de Boisredon is in charge of Fondacio France. It is accompanied in its mission by the members of the France Council:

  • Vianney Harreau,
  • Marie Levier,
  • Blandine Michel,
  • Marie-reine Dumont,
  • Philippe Ouillon,
  • François Leplat,
  • Martine Léchevin.


Recently, a position of General Delegate has also been created.

Fondacio in France
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Fondacio in France

Sarah Le Fichant

Sarah Le Fichant

new Permanent

Offer yourself in confidence to "Greater" than yourself!

"For me, the fact of wanting to become permanent is extremely linked to Providence, to this radicality, to this invitation to trust the events, to the situations that will happen.

To live of Providence you must therefore trust (at least try) and "Greater" than yourself... And that is not easy! I need to choose it and (re)choose my commitment to Fondacio and my faith in God every day.

At the beginning of my commitment to permanence, I was afraid of "abandoning myself" to something bigger, of losing my bearings. Providence was necessarily linked to the question of sponsorship, to the financial aspect and therefore to the fear of not being able to do so.

Today I can say that it is much bigger and broader than the financial question and that it makes me freer, even if it is not easy every day. I am open to what happens: Providence of encounters, sponsors, equipment... And it's a pretty crazy experience! »

Jean-François Trouvé

Jean-François Trouvé

volunteer on the Frats' Nature in Alsace

A team of animators organizes the Frats' Nature meetings, every six weeks, around a first secular part related to the annual theme (trees in Alsace and Laudato Si' in Lorraine).

The morning continues with biblical references related to the subject (the parable of the fig tree for example) and the personal reflection is guided by an individual questionnaire. Based on Fondacio's pedagogy, sharing in small groups of 3 or 4 people allows everyone to feel listened to and welcomed where they are in their lives.

Everyone brings a dish to share, which we share, an opportunity to taste the various culinary flavours that also nourishes human relationships and develops creativity for others.

In the afternoon, is devoted to a refreshment walk in contact with nature or in parks and gardens, with exercises to promote the awakening of the body in its two dimensions: anchoring to the earth and lifting the soul to the sky (through self-massage, breathing and analogy with an element of nature). A time of prayer closes and reinforces the spiritual meaning of this day.

We have seen that these Nature Fraternities bring together a faithful public who are attracted by this privileged link to nature for a renewal but also ready to get involved to transform their practices in order to safeguard it.

François Barth

François Barth

Participant at the 2019 Actors' Forum for 18/30

When I arrived at the Youth Forum for 18/30 year olds in August 2019, I was looking forward to the quality of the lessons planned and the meetings I could have.

Even though I already knew Fondacio, I nevertheless completely rediscovered on this occasion what makes one of the strengths of his pedagogy: the testimony and the time for sharing in small groups.

Through these times, I felt myself in turn carried by others, sensitive to these shared pieces of life, then surprised by the questions, joys and difficulties expressed, and all this, in an astonishing benevolence!

However, what seemed so natural to me here is not easy to assume on a daily basis in my professional world of engineers, sometimes more focused on performance and efficiency than on human relations. I was very surprised by this shared energy and by the way these exchanges resonated within me.

A light came on at the end of this Forum. Frail and still faltering, she seems beautiful enough to me today that I want to follow her and take care of her. 

Participate in a more humane and just world

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