Fondacio in Chile - Huechuraba - Biblioteca Los Almendros

Through socio-cultural activities and inserted in a vulnerable neighborhood in northern Santiago, the Library seeks to participate in the formation of social change actors in the midst of its surroundings.

Chile is part of the most unequal countries in the world, and the five most unequal in Latin America. This reality is presented in a very concrete way in Huechuraba, commune in the north of Santiago in which the headquarter of Fondacio in Chile is located. Here, low-income neighborhoods border high-income sectors and a business city. The Library was born in 2002 at the intersection of these worlds. This location allows not only to operate as an actor in the social development of a neighborhood that stands out for its educational and cultural poverty, but also to be a meeting place for different audiences.

Biblioteca Los Almendros welcomes children, young people and adults from the commune to offer a rewarding reading experience in a friendly and welcoming space.

It seeks to be a place where groups of all ages meet to enhance their talents, their expression skills, their creativity and enjoy the different artistic languages ​​through the many proposed activities. It is about integral education, of forming creative and safe beings, actors of social change in their environment.

The project also focuses on reading promotion, seeking to bring the child and his family closer to the world of books from a playful and meaningful look for the construction of his personality. Create networks with the different institutions of the sector in pursuit of the construction of a reading community.

In addition to being a place open to the public, provided with books and games of all kinds to lend and that has a green space for outdoor activities, the library is a key cultural and recreational instance in the sector. Its activities are aimed at different audiences: families, children, teenagers and adults.

It unfolds in several focuses:

Reader meetings. Support the development plans readers of different institutions (kindergartens, schools, special schools ...) telling stories in the rooms weekly. It also organizes reading meetings for groups of older adults and adults with disabilities.

Artistic-playful evenings. It opens its doors especially to children and young people outside their school hours, with working parents, proposing a wide variety of activities: storytelling, artistic and audiovisual workshops, music, crafts, theater, school support, games and sports.

Mobile library. Tours the neighborhood, carrying books in a mobile library to settle in different public places such as fairs and squares in the sector and share readings with young and old.

Massive cultural events. Each year it organizes and participates in several massive cultural events, such as the Literary Picnic.

The Library is a Fondacio project in partnership with the NGO Vidascopio, which composes its team together with foreign and local volunteers. This team has created an educational network in the sector, with which it works closely (Las Araucarias, Las Azucenas and Rayen Mahui kindergartens, Las Canteras Colleges, El Trigal and the Padre Hurtado Institute).

It is also linked to the municipal network of childhood and youth and the local health center, which is why it participates in fairs and cultural events or services several times a year (month of the book, fair of Women, of youth…).

In 2018, Los Almendros Library served more than 850 children through its various activities, 150 adults and 500 families living near the site. Year after year this beautiful project continues to grow!

Let yourself be transformed by its magic

The library intends to develop an educational and cultural intervention with children living near the place, to improve their skills, enhance their talents, their expression skills, their creativity and support them in the educational field and transform them into protagonists of a social change between its surroundings.


Responsible: Cecilia Carnevali

Avda. El Salto Norte, Huechuraba

Phone : (+56) 2 620 8420

Our Popular Library project is attached to the Social Purposes Donations Law, of the Ministry of Social Development, allowing the donor, company or natural person to receive a tax benefit of up to 50% of the total donated.
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