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“Jesús Carpintero - Ensena un oficio” is a learning space, through entrepreneurship workshops, which offers people the possibility of training. It is aimed especially at the inhabitants of the vulnerable sector near Fondacio in Chile.

A neighborhood at the confluence of several worlds

Chile is part of the most unequal countries in the world, and the five most unequal in Latin America. This reality is presented in a very concrete way in Huechuraba, commune in the north of Santiago in which the headquarters of Fondacio in Chile is located. Thus, a very humble neighborhood adjoins private neighborhoods and a business city.

Creation context

Jesus Carpintero starts in 2012 with a workshop to awaken the creative power that everyone has and then expands to entrepreneurship workshops.

A place to undertake

Jesús Carpintero receives adults wanting to learn new entrepreneurship alternatives for their life and that of their family that allow them to create elements for income.

The workshop grows as its participants grow with art and techniques. Not only do you learn to bake, or comb and handle the tools, but you also wake up new visual stimuli with color, design and shapes. Inspiration arises and the world around us pays attention to creations.

Hence the need to open up to the world, visit museums and places of culture.

A range of workshops

For 2019, 6 entrepreneurship workshops have been designed :

• Color Hairdressing Course
• Basic Hairdressing Course (Cutting and Styling) Manicure and Hair Removal
• Sewing Workshop with Recycled Clothing
• Patchwork workshop in 2 modules (Basic and Advanced)
• Weaving Workshop
• Alliances

The team of “Jesús Carpintero - Ensena un oficio”, is made up of a team of specialized professors in each area and a management team, together with the support of IFFAmérica students who carry out their Pre-Internships in this program.

For the hairdressing workshop the program is associated with the Faundez Institute, which certifies the courses and in figures ...

In 2017, the first entrepreneurship workshops, referring to aesthetics, started: Basic Hairdressing (Haircut and Haircut) and Manicure and Hair Removal, certifying 35 people. Four of which prepared as teachers to give the courses in 2018. In 2019, in 4 of the 5 workshops that are running, the call is 32 people, of which 70% are from the commune of Huechuraba, 25% from Recoleta and 5% from other communes.

Learn new entrepreneurship alternatives

Jesús Carpintero receives adults wanting to learn new entrepreneurship alternatives for their life and that of their family that allow them to create elements for income


Responsible: Ximena Lobos
Phone: +56 2 620 8420

Jesus Carpintero in video