Fondacio in Chile - Huechuraba - Mi Próximo

It is a solidarity program that helps people living in marginality, in extreme poverty, in a street situation. 

In Chile, 4.5% of the population lives in extreme poverty (Casen survey 2015). 12% live in a street situation (2nd national cadastre), 20% manage to get out of their street situation and reintegrate into society.

Fondacio began in 2006 the accompaniment to these people. In addition to seeking to accompany people in street situations with material help, friendship and words of encouragement, Mi próximo wants to network organizations that work with people living in street situations, through a WebApp. Thus, it seeks to improve the general service for people in a street situation in Santiago.

Mi próximo regularly makes night visits in the downtown neighborhood of Santiago, bringing a word of encouragement, a snack, warm clothes and essential necessities. Create and disseminate thematic solidarity campaigns according to the time of year to gather and distribute coat, blankets, backpacks, shoes, etc.

Organize bimonthly meetings in shelters or foster homes, including hairdressers, medical and / or dental assistance, clothes in good condition, toiletry supplies, etc. In addition to sharing food with everyone, a rich moment is shared with music, and a spiritual accompaniment is proposed.

It is creating the first inclusive Social Network in Chile, through a WebApp that allows anyone to report situations of need to the relevant organizations. The network lists the different institutions that work with people in street situations so that their action is more concerted and organized. Thus, it seeks to improve the general service in terms of distribution of food, materials, food, health.

It works with different schools in more affluent sectors of Santiago, who feel concerned about people in street situations (Bradford and Pucalán Schools, Instituto Ebreo). It is linked to different foundations that work on a daily basis with people in street situations: Fundación Misericordia, Fundación Cristo Vive (which has “Cirsto Acoge”, a shelter for people in street situations) and Talita Kum (who works in rehabilitation of people with high consumption of drugs and alcohol). It is allied with the company Soluinnova for the development of WebApp.


During the visits to the street, it serves and welcomes approximately 200 people. In bimonthly meetings, it serves an average of 25 people.

In Chile, street is the 2nd national cadastre

12% persons live in a street situation. 20% manage to get out of their street situation. 4.5% of the population lives in extreme poverty.



Responsible: Ximena Lobos

(+56) 2 620 8420

Paula Vargas


Currently, Mi Proximo works in partnership with three companies:

misericordia  bradford school