Fondacio in Chile - Huechuraba - un hogar mas digno

In the northern sector of the city of Santiago there are towns such as La Pincoya, Conchalí or El Barrero, which have important pockets of poverty and inequality. It is common to see here poor families who live in houses that do not meet the necessary conditions. These are families that do not qualify in the traditional bank financing system and do not receive help from the state.

We're Building and improving houses of poor families in communes in the north of Santiago, Chile. this program supports families in an integral way seeking the development of the living conditions of these homes.

Our goals : build and improve homes for shortlisted families, through a personalized architectural design, in order to favor the development and coexistence of the family that inhabits it. It thus contributes to intra-family nonviolence, contributes to the reduction of overcrowding and improves people's living conditions.

It works closely with the municipalities of Huechuraba and Recoleta, the two closest communes, which derive both cases of participating families as well as construction materials and labor.

It also has the support of private companies, some colleges and universities in Santiago and other associations (Abriendo Camino, Misericordia…)

We delivery of an annual average of 5 houses, between construction, restoration or adaptations, and realize set of workshops aimed at housewives and family members.

Build and improve homes for shortlisted families

Through a personalized architectural design in order to favor the development and coexistence of the family that inhabits it.

Contact :
(2)22 620 8420
Avda. El Salto Norte 5625,

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