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Ciudad Bolivar project

Developing the Young Lives Development Center (YLDC) program, already developed by Fondacio in several Asian countries, in Ciudad Bolívar, Colombia.

The Young Lives Development Center project, currently being established, will train disadvantaged youth to help them acquire skills that will empower them in their lives.

The Young Lives Development Centre in Colombia targets vulnerable youth aged 16 to 25 in the city of Ciudad Bolívar, south of the capital, Bogotá. This locality presents one of the most difficult conditions for young people to access higher education or work.

This program aims to promote two areas of work: on the one hand, integration into vocational training. Secondly, social entrepreneurship.

The objective is to give young people, in a 6-month process, the means to be autonomous, by allowing income-generating activities that represent the possibility of financing the cost of their higher education in the face of their parents' economic impossibility or limited access to free public education. Also tools for optimizing their profile through skills for quality education, employability, human and spiritual development, ethics, ecology and relationality.

The objectives are to :

● Develop the Development Centre for Youth Life -YLDC by Fondacio in Colombia for the territory of Ciudad Bolivar.

● Promote social and pastoral innovation among young people through a program of innovation in youth pastoral care

Young Lives Development Center project,

Train disadvantaged youth to help them acquire skills
that will empower them in their lives.

The project focuses on the territory of Ciudad Bolivar

Ciudad Bolívar is the first town with a total area of 130 km2. It represents 7.94% of the total area of Bogotá.

In Ciudad Bolívar, the lower socio-economic class predominates: 53.1% of the properties are in stratum 1 and 39.9% in stratum 2. 

Ciudad Bolívar has a population of 733,859 (9.1% of the city's total), making it the fourth most populated and the fourth least populated locality, 46 people per hectare, above the urban average (42 p/ha).

The ecclesial context: The Archdiocese of Bogotá has adapted its evangelizing action to the challenges of the city's growth; this response is reflected in the creation of new territorial Episcopal Vicariates. On June 22, 2017, the territorial vicariate of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, composed of 33 parishes, was created. 

The number of parishes increased from 3 to 33 and there was a pastoral centre. The house of evangelization of St. Elizabeth of Hungary (pastoral centre) is located in the Potosi district, which requires a bold and innovative socio-pastoral use. 

The need for pastoral care for adolescents and young people is evident as a new presence of the Church in this sector through the Archdiocese's Plan E and new actions of proclamation and promotion of life. 


Responsible Gustavo López
YLDC by Fondacio -Colombia
Oasis of Fondacio
Cl. 78a Sur #38-31,
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