Fondacio's solidarity action in Burkina Faso

Fondacio in Burkina Faso and the friends of Foyer d'Amour France carried out an action of solidarity in Leo in favor of local refugees affected by insecurity.

Fondacio in Burkina Faso and the Friends of Foyer d'Amour France proceeded on March 04 and 052021, to the delivery of gifts of food and soaps to twenty (20) households. Those households are composed of a hundred (100) people victims of the recurrent and persistent insecurity in the Sahel and the North of the country. 

The distribution ceremony was  placed under the technical support of the agents of the Provincial Directorate of Women, National Solidarity, Family and Humanitarian Action of Sissili. These two partner associations came to relieve, for a time, the living conditions of these populations who abandoned against their will, their houses and goods, in order to escape the growing insecurity in their locality.

The latter send their heartfelt thanks to the generous donors for this very important saving gesture and especially for the spirit of sharing that accompanies it.

Burkina Faso


Fondacio in Burkina Faso


Fondacio has been in Burkina Faso since 1986

Fondacio is located in Burkina Faso since 1986 thanks to Bishop Jean Marie Untaani Compaoré, former Bishop of Fada, and Archbishop Emeritus of Ouagadougou. Fondacio is located in four major cities in Burkina Faso (Fada N'gourma, Ouagadougou, Leo and Koudougou), where different kinds of activities are led :

  • Spiritual activities,
  • Youth Forum,
  • Couples' sessions,
  • Celebrations of commitments,
  • Pastoral sessions,
  • Participation in WYD and WND,
  • Participation in congresses,
  • Hosting missions at headquarters,

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