The handwritten Bible or "Bible of the confined".

In mid-May, the Alliance biblique française launched the collective production of a handwritten Bible or "Bible of the confined". More than 500 people responded to this call. 

Advent and the celebration of Christmas are an opportunity to plunge back into our faith and to enlighten it in the ever new light of the Scriptures and the Bible. For centuries, women and men have been committed to copying and transmitting this literary jewel, this spiritual and cultural treasure of humanity.

So it is an original experience to which, in mid-May, the Alliance biblique française invited all those who wanted to participate in the collective creation of a handwritten Bible or "Bible of the confined". The proposal: to copy, illustrate and illuminate a chapter of the New Testament or the Psalms. The aim was to produce a collective work that creates a link, a work that is beautiful to see and read, and to circulate.

In order to make a unique and original object, 444 copyists from all walks of life and all Christian denominations embarked on this wonderful adventure. An ecumenical bible in form and spirit. 

"Copying the Bible is a strong spiritual experience that leads to a personal appropriation of the text while being in a collective process. It is part of a history, a relationship with the text that comes from afar and that we continue to bring to life by remaining connected to the essential", recalls Valérie Duval-Poujol, project leader.
The result is a unique Bible which translates in its writing and images how much the Bible never ceases to reveal the mystery of God in the history of humanity and of each one of us. Finally this handwritten Bible leads us back to the Scriptures themselves. The text is full of surprises, endless surprises, stories and characters that in their complexity and quest resemble us: they reveal to us the mystery of the truly human God as on Christmas night, in a tiny one, in the face of the newborn baby, Jesus. 

The diversity of the journeys of the copyists of this handwritten Bible is touching: a young migrant refugee in France or a Carmelite, a member of parliament, a senator or a military chaplain, doctors and nurses who fought against Covid-19, students or retired people, wine-growers, secretaries, engineers, pastors or priests, believers or atheists... Understanding the Word of God involves "feeling", "touching", "tasting", "hearing" and "seeing". The handwritten Bible through its scriptures and illuminations gives us a new opportunity to do so. A good gift, good news in this Christmas season.

The handwritten Bible is now available for sale from Bibli'O Editions.