Helping the children of Hountigomé (Lomé-Togo) benefit from quality education!

In the Hountigomé district of Lomé, many children come to do their homework at the Fondacio-Togo community house to take advantage of the electricity! Despite their schooling, few children express themselves properly in French and many have great difficulty learning the lessons they receive at school. The Succès+ program was therefore created with the objectives of promoting the children's academic success as well as their personal development and to fight against school dropout, wandering and juvenile delinquency. Today, tutoring courses and socio-educational and cultural activities are provided for about fifty children in the neighborhood. And it works because teachers have noticed that these children are interested in school and their grades are getting better.

However, for the past two months, schools have been closed to prevent the spread of Covid-19. So all the children in the neighbourhood are at home with little or no resources to study. More and more families are asking us for help. Unfortunately, we have aging equipment and we cannot afford to get new ones to accommodate more children in good conditions and provide them with the necessities of a good schoolboy.

This is why we are appealing to you to help us finance the purchase of tables, chairs, slates, notebooks, books, pencils and any other object necessary for good learning.

I have been a volunteer for 4 months now and I can assure you that without this money, the association will not be able to help all the children, despite the motivation of the whole team and the volunteers.

I would like to thank you for your support and your generosity.

Mathilde, Success+ volunteer

Here you can directly and with one click, participate in this funding pot.

Thanks to all of you!


Xavier (not verified)

5 June 2020

Bravo, pour ce projet: il en faudrait des milliers comme cela ! J'ai participé avec un petit don. Ce n'est pas grand chose mais c'est toujours mieux qu'un simple encouragement :-)

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