IFF Africa "a talent developer" for a more Humane and Just World

Placed under the theme of "Vocational training of young people, particularly girls in agricultural entrepreneurship in Togo", the Institut de Formation de Fondacio en Afrique (IFF Africa) located in Lomé, Togo was created in 2002.

The training at IFF Africa is based on the pedagogy developed by Fondacio more than 40 years ago, which consists in bringing out the potentialities, the skills, the creative speciality of each individual, and the possible meanings of a life to be welcomed, invented, promoted, reread and discerned

(source: https://programmeafriquefondacio.wordpress.com/pays/togo/iff-afrique/).


IFF Africa's mission is to "train" young people and adults to be vectors of change by helping them to implement a meaningful professional project in the service of society.

IFF Africa offers 3 training programmes, namely

  • Programme d'Incubation des Jeunes en Entrepreneuriat Agricole (PIJEA): 9 months of training for Agricultural Entrepreneurs (EA) and 18 months for Agricultural Technicians (TA).
  • Programme for Reinforcement and Reorientation in Agricultural Entrepreneurship (PRREA)
  • Leadership and Project Development (PDS) of Fondacio

IFF Africa is part of a network of 4 Fondacio Training Institutes: IFF Europe, IFF America, IFF Asia and IFF Africa.

iff africa

For 2 years IFF Africa in partnership with the Sichem Farm-School has been offering modular training courses on "the production and use of the Artemisia annua in the fight against malaria".

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Iff Africa's Team

The Institute has 2 main training offerings: the "Agricultural Entrepreneurship (EA)" training course which is the institute's flagship training offer and the "Leadership and Development of Projects (LDP)" training course.

Text by Sylvain Kalem Assirimi