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In the field of education, I have asked myself many times how to deliver an experience that makes sense, that is applicable, and that is also integral... Hasn't this happened to you?

At IFF America we are committed to approaching this from three perspectives (three axes as we call them).

The first axis is that of Personal Development. More than being a complement - or a consequence - of another objective, at IFFA it is our heart, our very first pillar. Why? Because we believe that the greatest positive changes begin when we really get to know each other, when we invest time in looking inward... and in accepting ourselves... when we dare to enter that inner world - often forgotten because there is no time. Here we do give you the time you need. 

"... I realized that I came on the condition of valuing knowledge more, but after this experience I am aware of how important leadership and personal growth are."Denis Roman DILES part-time alumni, generation 2019

Our second axis is Knowledge and the link to the Environment, because, of course, we are not isolated beings... we are part of something greater than ourselves. We are immersed in a family, in a community, in a town, in a city, in a society...

Are we listening to what our environment is asking us? Do I really know the reality of my environment? Can I describe it with my five senses: how it smells, how it feels, how it looks, what sounds/noises it has, what it tastes like?

Of course, you could ask yourself: "well, now, what's the use of being aware of what's going on around me?" ... well, the answer is that you are the one who is useful. If we do not know and do not connect with what surrounds us, how can we know how we can contribute? And that's how we get to the next axis.

Our third and last axis - but not least - is the Skills and Tools for Taking Action. At IFF America, we don't want to stay in theory, but we want - we have! - to take action.

We must act. And act for the common good. Knowing myself and my environment, the next logical step is to do something about it. To make these talents available to society, to contribute - in concrete acts - to the construction of a better world. What mark do I - we - want to leave?

At IFF America we train young leaders who are agents of change, not because we believe they will be the future of the continent, but because they are the present that the continent needs. 

Full-time and part-time DILES students of the 2019 generation in their International Social Internships
We invite you to get to know the different programs we have. Get to know you. Link up. Take action. And above all: dare to transform yourself to transform Latin America! 

Hugs and laughter

Antonia Perez 


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