Like all schools from France and Navarre, the IFF Europe in Angers has had to adapt to the pandemic situation. System D? Anyway, an increased use of modern means of telecommunication. The example with the D.U (Bac +1) OPEN.

Each year, the students of the D.U OPEN do an individual internship presentation to their teachers at the end of their spring internship. Because of the current confinement period, the teaching team proposed that instead of the internship, which was due to take place this year in April, the students should do research on their professional and/or study project. Developed throughout the year, this professional project (a career towards which to orient oneself) or the study project (the studies to be carried out after their passage at IFF Europe) gave rise to a presentation of a somewhat new kind. "The students gave their presentation on Zoom in the "presence" of all their peers and the trainers," explains Sandie Carissan, the teacher. This tool, which has been used extensively in France since the beginning of the confinement, allows several people to meet via screens, allowing them to see and talk to each other. In short, it makes up for the physical absence of the students and their trainers in the premises at 2 rue de l'Esvière. The use of Zoom was all the more welcome as the presentation of the professional or study project is necessary for each student to validate his or her diploma. More traditional than Zoom, e-mail is also particularly used for exchanges between teachers and students, in particular for sending files, reading reports, etc.

Apart from the academic follow-up, the two classes of the D.U OPEN also have informal workshops to get together. Anne-Claire Morin, educational manager, thus offers the students yoga in the morning and muscle strengthening in the evening, twice a week. "We all watch a "live gym" sports video together on YouTube and everyone does the exercises, everyone is welcome to come! "Sandie Carissan explains, after having had the opportunity to follow one of the sessions proposed by her colleague. It's a great way to relax, in fact, and to alternate the seriousness of the studies with some welcome decompression to stretch out or change your mind. In fact, each of the two OPEN classes also has a WhatsApp group where "every day someone posts a video, music, or inspirational phrase," explains Sandie. This is the case with this work by the artist Grand Corps Malade, posted by one of the students recently. As the WhatsApp conversation excerpt below (released with the group's permission) also shows, the students play the game and create the emulation. For these two classes of the D.U OPEN, which should have been on a internship from 6 to 30 April, the group work and cohesion (so important in IFF Europe's pedagogy) and the pedagogical follow-up could therefore be maintained. This enabled the students to overcome - to some extent - the legitimate disappointment of not having been able to carry out their internship this April.


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