Interview of Angela : A Young Lives' alumnus

Young Lives (formerly known as YLDC) is an initiative of Fondacio in Asia. Its is an education project for the young and marginalized including people in transit (refugees and migrants).  It seeks to provide them knowledge, skills and values. Those values will help them become self-confident and integrate them socially and professionally. 

Young Lives centers are present in Malaysia, Philippines and Myanmar !

There are 1.1 billion youth in Asia today, and 20% of these young people still remain uneducated, unemployed and untrained.

Although there are various government initiatives increasing literacy and empowering youths across the region, many still fall through the cracks of the education system, especially those who are poor.

Our project targets at-risk communities in Southeast Asia (social issues, school dropouts, poverty, and poor education quality) and provides them with life skills education.

Young Lives provides a life skills education (English, IT, personal mastery and entrepreneurship) in order to provide social mobility to youths at risk in Asia. They have a better chance at better employment and are linked to further education opportunities. They are also trained to be leaders who serve their communities and society.

Here is the story of Angela a Young Lives alumnus.

 Angela is one of the 153,200 registered Myanmar refugees in Malaysia. When she was only fourteen years old, she had to leave her country and take a risk. She was only able to go to a refugee school for only 8 months and then she had to work before the age of 15. She lived in the fear of being arrested by the police...

This is not a unique case, many youg Asian are still facing different challenges...

Young Lives was created for those young people. In 2017 Angela joined the YLC where she learned different language skills, but also about her personnality, humane development and computer skills that are very useful to all the students.

Thanks to caring, encouraging and inspiring teachers, young people like Angela are able to regain self confidence.

Today, Angela is pursuing further studies in an institution in Johor, Malaysia !

Young Lives aims to help more youth like Angela achieve their dreams



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