Jean, a former IFF Europe student

Jean was a 2nd and 3rd year student of the Bachelor Project Management at IFF Europe from 2017 to 2019. He testifies on why he joined the Bachelor and what he found there.

Four valuable things Jean found in the Bachelor

I arrived in September 2017 at IFF Europe in the D.U. Animateur de Projets Solidaires (2nd year of the Bachelor, NDLR). Before that, I had started quite a few first years, notably in medicine and at the university of bio in Nantes. But these attempts had not been successful. I ended up turning to Genesis, an association that offers a course in self-development and discernment. Through Genesis, I discovered L'Arche in Chambéry. It was after this course at Genesis that I chose to enroll in the second year of the Bachelor's program at IFF Europe, for three reasons:

  • The course offers six months of fieldwork and I wanted to return to L'Arche de Chambéry over a longer period of time and with a real project.
  • I wanted to validate a diploma
  • At Genesis, I had discovered a completely new world for me, that of social work, with management skills, and I wanted to deepen my knowledge of it in a concrete training program. The words "solidarity" and "talent developer" on the IFF Europe brochure led me to choose this course.


I found four things within this training:

  • first ̶ and this is essential for me ̶ , a golden class, a group that bonded very quickly in part thanks to the varied exercises the school offers on self-knowledge.
  • A return to college, because we spend one and a half days a week at the UCO (the Catholic University of the West) to take certain courses in anthropology or sociology of youth (to name but a few). I really appreciated the different presentations and debates that we were able to do.
  • Quality teachers, who listened to the students through monthly personal accompaniments, and who gave me very good advice for my professional project. I also found passionate and fascinating speakers, who came to present their respective associations or who gave us courses (in micro-economics, for example).
  • a coherence between the different courses, which I had not found in my previous school years. It is indeed essential to find a link between the different interventions of solidarity professionals, what we learn at the university and what we are going to realize in the field. The IFF Europe offers this.
  • Last point, the internship: I was for six months an assistant in a shared house composed of eight physically and mentally handicapped people and five assistants. This internship was my first real professional experience where I was given real responsibilities. I could talk for hours about this experience because this internship was for me a place of deep blooming: I even discovered the ambition to create one day my own structure, with the accompaniment in the heart of my mission.


I chose to continue in the 3rd year of the Bachelor's program because I realized that I needed to continue training to gain credibility if I wanted to create my own structure one day. I also felt the need to deepen my professional identity as a coach during this third year.

The work of rereading one's career path, often proposed at IFF Europe, is a very good exercise that still enlightens me today.