Jerusalema : The musical phenomenon of the moment

Jerusalema : Is-it only a musical phenomenon or also a good virus' fight against the prevailing gloom

We only hear about the Coronavirus, this virus has a very bad reputation today, and rightly so. But medicine teaches us that many viruses are harmless, some are even good viruses. 

In social life, there are also good viruses on a global scale. This is the case of Jerusalema. JERUSALEMA? If this word doesn't mean anything to you, it's time to let you discover the musical phenomenon of the moment. And for that I am with a "specialist" of viruses, in particular the good Jerusalema virus, Constance my daughter. She wants to share this good mood with you. Constance, what is the history of this musical phenomenon?

Constance: A DJ from Zimbabwe mixes a very catchy rhythm, on which the South African singer Nomcebo will compose lyrics, which she conceives as a prayer to God. The lyrics say in Zulu dialect "ilondolozé, ouambénami, Jeruselema ikaya lami", meaning "Protect me, Walk with me, Jerusalem is my home. » 

François: And the name of Jerusalem means " Home of Peace ". We find the same root in the word Shalom, which means peace but also, more broadly, means completion, fullness. So this music is a source of hope, but it is also a vector of peace.

Constance: On this initially little-known song, a group of Angolan dancers will film a choreography, plate in hand during a meal, on the video sharing application tik tok. The choreography is creating a buzz on the internet, with the challenge for everyone to film themselves dancing in their own environment. Families, caregivers, Franciscans, policemen ... people from all over the world will perform the choreography and share it on social networks, with a total of more than 230 million views on the internet.

François: What does this music evoke for you? Why do you like it?

Constance: It evokes in me a desire to dance, and a positive impulse. It's a rhythmic music with repetitive words like an incantation, a prayer to walk with God and live in a better world.
What moves me is to see this choreography, which was initially launched by Angolans and then taken up all over the world, by children and adults from different backgrounds. Everyone dances to this music, with creativity and each according to their culture, to bring lightness to this complicated period, in rhythm! It is necessary to pass on the radio waves "this good virus": a real hymn to the joy of our time!