Jesus accepts to let himself be jostled ... And us?

The gospels tell us that so many people ask
Jesus a cure. One always baffled me, that of the Canaanite imploring it
to drive out the evil spirit that torments his daughter. Meeting recounted by both Matthew (15, 21-28) and
Mark (7, 24-30). To the woman who begs, "Master, help me!" Jesus says, "It is wrong to take the
children's bread and throw it to the dogs. "And the Canaanite replies" That's right. Yet even dogs
eat the crumbs that fall from the table of their masters ".
Reading these two replicas, I have a little impression of a casting error. Is it Jesus who pronounces the
first sentence which, in its hardness, does not look like it? Even if we take into account the language of the Jews
of the time, who called pagans dogs. And is it the Canaanite woman who pronounces this answer,
sublime of convenience and intelligence in its simplicity?
I draw two beautiful lessons from this short dialogue. It is first a magnificent illustration of the mystery
of the Incarnation. Jesus takes our human condition in all its dimensions. Including fatigue,
discouragement and the temptation of identity withdrawal. At the same time, Jesus calling men and
women to become children of God, gives them a dignity and a greatness that surpasses them and
transcend. Jesus becomes fully human so that through Him we can discover and make spring
divine in us.
And then, Jesus could have turned. The disciples urge him to do so: "Go back because it never stops
to cry in following us. "On the contrary, He accepts to be challenged by this Canaanite who
disrupts in his desire to recharge his batteries by escaping the sounds of the world, in his project to destine his
message to his Jewish brothers. Jesus even admires him, "Oh, how great is your faith!"
Are we ready, like Jesus, to let us jostle in our plans? To let ourselves be shaken by a
encounter or an unexpected experience? To revisit our belief that our mission should have a
specific scope and address specific recipients?
Thierry Timmermans
Fondacio Belgium

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