L'Ermitage's first film-sharing evening!

A first film-sharing evening at l'Ermitage, bringing together about fifteen people around the documentary "In search of autonomy". The exchanges that followed led to the emergence of ideas for the Versailles area and L'Ermitage.

An evening to meet, exchange and act together!

In order to make the general public aware of environmental and social issues, L'Ermitage has taken up the challenge of becoming an inspiring third place on the values of integral ecology in Laudato Si. To do so, among the many new proposals, there are film-sharing evenings. A meeting in the evening, on themes that question our lifestyles, that propose solutions for an ecological, human and democratic transition. Following the screening of the film and/or documentary, we propose a moment of exchange and sharing to put into words what we have just seen. It is also the moment to go further, to bring new ideas, to discover other initiatives!

"In search of autonomy" at l'Ermitage

The first film-sharing evening took place yesterday, Wednesday 30 September, around the documentary "In Search of Autonomy" by Demos Kratos. There were about fifteen of us, and almost half of the group didn't know the Hermitage! So it's a great opportunity for Fondacio to talk about the community, what's going on there, to gather around our values. After the screening, we reflected in small groups on what came out of this documentary, what had marked us. The second time was devoted to initiatives that we could, would like to see on L'Ermitage, Versailles, or even Versailles Grand Parc! It was a beautiful moment of collective intelligence and meeting. If you would like to see the documentary, go to Imago

The "Fête des Possibles"

Like the Gratiferia, the event was on the agenda of the "Fête des Possibles". Impelled by the Collectif Transition Citoyenne, the "Fête des Possibles" aims to make visible all the citizen initiatives that build a more sustainable, humane and united world. The events are diverse and the themes addressed are equally diverse. Throughout France and around the world, the Fête des Possibles invites citizens to meet and act together for a resilient society. We are happy to have been able to contribute to it for the first time! 

Would you also like to get involved in L'Ermitage's EcoPlace project? Give us a helping hand from time to time, or invest yourself over the year by giving a little of your time, we would be delighted to meet you and give you some guidance! See you soon! 

film-sharing evening

film-sharing evening