Literary Picnic 4th edition: a magical journey

An invitation to "travel" was made to each attendee at the Literary Picnic on Sunday 17 November last organized activity by Biblioteca Los Almendros de Fondacio and attended by over 240 people, all residents of Huechuraba. A trip entertaining on a large archipelago, each enjoying the fabulous tales of the island of silence, gifts from the island of fishermen, the magic of the island of the rainbow or other hidden treasures!

How do you dream a new Chile? he asked the children who came and written responses monitors were being kept in a large suitcase as a luggage for a magical journey was happening in the boundless imagination of children themselves. At the end of the meeting the leaders read some of those dreams with concepts such as peace, equality, justice, love for all, etc.

Throughout the afternoon more than 240 people were given appointment in Central Park Fondacio, around different artistic expressions, stories, art, games, music, crafts and shared among neighbors of all ages.

The folklorist Veronica Herrera was presented with a storyteller called the Tortilla Corredora while actor Pato Crop presented with some children of the Library, the adaptation of the story "The Day the Crayons relinquished". Francisco Rios contributed with music and many rhythms with which the public could interact. Theater Lambe-Lambe, had two exponents: Isabel Arevalo Rayen Fajardo. While Maria Jose Martin gave their micro stories under his enchanted umbrella, Don Manuel Flores toured the park playing his accordion.

It was a lovely evening and all were invited to meet at the 5th edition in 2020!

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