Our promotions for next year are almost full, and that's good news! We have adapted all of our recruitment procedures to allow interested parties to discover the programs through video slideshows and then by organizing videoconference meetings.

We still have a few places to fill for the OPEN programme (Orientation Projet ENgagement). This is a chance! The health crisis and the confinement may have been an opportunity to question some people, to doubt others. As a result, many students may be dropping out and losing the meaning of their studies, questioning their future. This is the time to stop, to take these questions on board and start again in a different way. The OPEN D.U. (Bac +1) has been designed precisely to answer these fundamental questions and allow students to blossom and take flight.

Vincent wrote this week in his report :

"I know myself better today than when I first  came to IFF Europe. I have learned a lot this year on many different subjects. I have had the opportunity to develop several skills, to try new activities, to be confronted with different ways of functioning and thinking. When I arrived at school, I was lost. Today, I know what I am worth and what I want. I have met many wonderful people and many have inspired me to believe in my projects. I was tortured. Today I know that I have a place in this world. I didn't accept myself. Today, I know that if I am here, it is because there is a reason, and it is up to me to decide what that reason is. For the first time in my life, I have confidence in the future. My future. »

Like Vincent, many students could benefit from a move to IFF Europe to combine training with a new dynamic.

So if you know young people in your circle of friends and family for whom this year would be beneficial, please tell them about it. It is an opportunity to be a bearer of hope around you and, for us, to continue our mission with new students. 


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