Lockdown as a couple ! Heading towards Hope !

"To all who are sanctified in Christ (...), to you the grace and peace of God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. How can the greeting of Saint Paul resound where we "dwell" as a couple in Fondacio's vision? 

More than ever, taking care of the two foundations of the couple 
which are the promise and the covenant :

In any unlikely context, it is the core values that are good guides. The "promise of our couple" becomes there: what do we most desire to have lived for good, whatever happens?  

By virtue of the covenant that binds us together, and as a family (as well as a community), we become team-mates co-piloting a boat in heavy weather but in the wind of the Spirit! "In accordance with the Scriptures", we have faith that a crossing is possible. A practical method supports the promise here: day after day, "Plan, Do, Discern, Adjust". 
Cultivating also the bond through well-being: 

To support the covenant, we can look each other in the eye and reflect the positive, give each other a hand, massage our shoulders, and/or bite a laugh, taste a piece of fruit, listen to a song, light a candle in silence: thus living times of being, together, in love, quite simply...

Sylvie BARTH, permanent employee and theologian