Los Almendros : giving a new home to trees

11 trees that were in danger of being cut down due to the expansion of the new El Salto Norte Avenue, were finally relocated two meters inside the new enclosure of the Los Almendros Center. This, thanks to the generous collaboration of the real estate company Imas ebco, who financed and carried out the transfer of these trees to their new locations.


The relocated trees are seven Oriental plane trees, two acacias, a Chilean palm and an American oak. First, a 2-meter perimeter was manually demarcated around each tree, loosening the soil around it. Specialized machinery was then brought into action, equipped with hydraulic tongs capable of perforating the soil to take the tree from its roots, lift it and move it gently to a new site dug in advance and treated with rooting agents that will help the tree to generate new roots.

trees  trees

This action is in addition to the management previously carried out by the neighbors of El Barrero and Fondacio with which it was possible to preserve the location of the trees on the sidewalk in front of Centro Los Almendros, which were finally included in the design of the future central alley of the new El Salto Norte Avenue.


These trees as a whole are part of the heritage of this sector of the commune of Huechuraba with the warehouses of the old Conchalí vineyard, the house of the former president Pedro Aguirre Cerda, with its parks and its araucarias. Preserving them has a special meaning for Fondacio, particularly today, when the cause and environmental care is a planetary issue that involves us all.