Meeting for the defense of children's rights at ANGE

ANGE : Synergy of action of children's rights organizations that intervene in the juvenile brigade of Lomé for minors of Lomé

Meeting this Thursday morning at the NGO ANGE, of actors of organizations and structures for the defense and protection of children's rights such as BNCE Togo, CACCIT, MECI and RAPAA Togo conducted reflections on how to get more involved in the judicial process of children deprived of their liberty in order to provide them with real support.

Ange Ange
What legal assistance for children in conflict with the law? How to effectively reintegrate and monitor these minors in their post-prison life? The discussions between the different structures allowed to answer these questions. answer these questions.
In perspective, a plea is planned to the Ministry of Justice for a greater involvement of children's rights organizations in the judicial process of detained minors.

What does the NGO ANGE do? 

ANGE is an NGO under Togolese law that deals with street children and children in conflict with the law. Since 2001, it has been collaborating with the Brigade pour les Mineurs, which includes many street children, where it intervenes once a week to defend and promote the rights and interests of disadvantaged children.

Children make up nearly half of Togo's population, or nearly 3,000,000 minors. The number of children working and living on the street or on the beach is increasing daily.

The absence of a follow-up policy, of provisions obliging parents to keep their children in school, the dislocation of families, poverty and the inadequacy of structures to fight juvenile delinquency, explain this abandonment of children in the street.

ANGE is one of the associations accredited by the State to take care of children identified by the Green Line (a free telephone number set up by the Togolese State in 2009 for child protection).