Meeting with Hubert de Boisredon

Meeting with Hubert de Boisredon, CEO of the Armor Group, about his book "L'Esprit souffle, suis-le. Itinerary of a committed leader".

Hubert de Boisredon, CEO of the ARMOR Group, headquartered in Nantes in western France, has been involved with Fondacio since his youth. In a book to be published in France in September 2021, "L'Esprit souffle, suis-le" (The Spirit blows, follow it), his itinerary as a committed leader testifies to the way to be an actor of change in order to build a more humane and just world, at the heart of the challenges facing our societies. It is a story that gives a simple and authentic account of his journey of personal transformation, with and for others, of the encounters and experiences that inspired him and the way in which welcoming a living God into one's life is a fundamental source of being a leaven of Hope. Whether one is familiar with the business world or not, it is also an illustration that it can be a place of humanization of our world. It is also a sign of the Good News in the peripheries of the world.

"It is possible to make something extraordinary out of one's life when one trusts one's inner guide, one's star, one's talents and, for those who can recognize and name him, God who dwells in the depths of our being."  Hubert de Boisredon


It may seem strange to talk about the Holy Spirit when you are a business leader, Hubert recognizes, but for him, work is a place of co-creation and transformation of the world. Fondacio has been a place that has nourished him and encouraged him to engage in the world. It is a spirituality that unites faith and commitment, that invites us to believe that God is committed to our human adventures. 
As a foretaste of his book and of the links to the press articles and interviews proposed at the end of the article, we reproduce here the interview with Magali Audusseau published on the site

How did you meet Christ? What did it change in your life?

Hubert dB - All my youth I tried to be perfect and to be the best in order to deserve God's love. But during a retreat at La Roche d'Or in 1982, when I was 18, Father Callerand, who was preaching, said a word: "Let yourself be loved, let yourself be loved by God". It was a turning point. He witnessed the life of Charles de Foucauld who challenged God by saying "My God, if you exist, manifest yourself to me". I made this challenge my own and climbed the hill of the Golden Rock, and, being completely alone at the top, I shouted: "My God, if you exist, manifest yourself to me". I was then seized by a presence that enveloped me with such love that I had nothing more to say, nothing more to wear, except to stay there and receive it. For a long time, I had no desire to move, so sweet and strong was this presence. I could feel it entering every pore of my skin. It literally changed my life by making me realize that I no longer needed to be perfect to be loved. At that moment, I became free to make my own choices.

In your book, you talk about how this encounter with God was a turning point. And there is also the encounter with Fondacio. What are the concrete realizations that came out of it?

Hubert dB - I very quickly perceived an invitation to commit myself as a Christian in society. This began with the creation of Contigo (a microcredit bank created in Chile under the status of a foundation) with Laurent and Marianne (now my wife). At that time, Fondacio was more focused on the community. With a whole group of friends and encouraged by the founder of Fondacio and Ignacio Rosselot, who was then in charge of Fondacio Chile, we already had the wish that this spirituality of Fondacio be given to the world and bring something useful through an economic means, so that our contemporaries live better, are happier and can develop their talents. Contigo was really about that.
Fondacio is the spiritual place that has always left me very free and encouraged me to engage with the world. It is a spirituality that unites faith and commitment, that invites us to believe that God is committed to our human adventures. Fondacio appears to me as a help to see God in myself, in others and for others. I am committed to the community because I find strength and nourishment for my life journey, and also a common will to build a more human and just world.

As a visionary leader, do you think that integral capitalism could be a solution for the company of tomorrow? and if so, under what conditions?

Hubert dB - I think that capitalism must be integral, humanistic and altruistic. It should not only aim at maximizing profit, but also allow for the development of human beings and the transformation of society.
Within the Armor group, we place societal innovation at the heart of the company's transformation. We want to use technological innovation to serve a greater purpose: to ensure the safety of goods and people, to combat global warming, to develop the circular economy and to create jobs locally. The objective is indeed to allow human flourishing and to build a more ecological and human world. This is Laudato Si' in the business world and in the name of the word of Jesus: "I have not come to judge the world, but to love it". This invites me to commit myself to the world by giving myself out of love for it. This is the whole spirituality of Fondacio.

What are the other places where you commit yourself as a disciple of Christ in Fondacio?

Hubert dB - Beyond my action in the company within Armor as a committed member of Fondacio, I am part of the team at the international headquarters and I am also happy to be at Marianne's side, in support and in prayer, in her responsibility for Fondacio France, as she is for me in my various commitments.

Also, for the past three years, with the encouragement and support of François Prouteau, president of Fondacio, Louis Faure and I have created Eotekum, a leadership consulting firm to accompany leaders and actors of projects, young and not so young, who want to give of themselves to transform the world, starting with their organization and with themselves. Indeed, we all often have great ideals, but are held back by our own blocks, our fears, our attachments and sometimes our infidelities. It is important to work on ourselves, not to become more perfect, but to become more aware of what we could accomplish if we let the Spirit take hold of us and awaken in us the courage to act. This is also the whole message of my book.
The book "The Spirit Blows, Follow It. Itinerary of a committed leader" published by MAME - Price: 15,90€. To order

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