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Fondacio integrates and acts in a world that moves quickly to make it become more and more humane and just. The News Pages show some of Fondacio’s recent and upcoming events around the world. 

Congress. Being Creative to Build the Future Together

The first phase of the Fondacio Congress in Latin America ended last Friday, 8 April 2022, in Colombia.

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Starting a business in Africa with little money, it's possible !

Business leaders, teachers and Fondacio members spoke at the opening forum of

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Fondacio Congress. "Young People of Africa: Put Down Roots in This Land!"

The first phase of the Fondacio Congress in Africa ended yesterday (Wednesday

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A 6th Congress to address the future challenges

The 6th edition of the Fondacio Congress has opened in mid-

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Los Almendros : A reading encounter

La Biblioteca Los Almendros Library held a reflective meeting focused on reading, with the participation of five youn

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COH : A meeting with an eighteenth-century flair

The Centro Ocupacional Hortiterapéutico, COH, continues to conduct workshops and training for its participants.

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ANGE : Twenty years at the service of children

2001-2021, 20 years already that the NGO ANGE was created with the mission of promoting and defending the rights of c

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