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Fondacio integrates and acts in a world that moves quickly to make it become more and more humane and just. The News Pages show some of Fondacio’s recent and upcoming events around the world. 

Fondacio at CCIC

Committing to the service of peace, justice and human dignity at UNESCO

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Un Hogar Más Digno distributes food boxes

Due to the quarantine, the work of Un Hogar Más Digno had to be stopped completely, however, the team was able to fin

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Stories of Hope : CHILE - Un hogar mas digno

How Hugo and Julia regained their dignity thanks to a new house adapted to their situation

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News from the ANGE project

Children make up almost half of the Togolese population, nearly 3 million minors.

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Common Pots in Fondacio Chile

Since May, Fondacio has joined a large solidarity movement led by the neighborhood council of El Barrero, which is lo

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Young laity engage in transforming Asia Fondacio Asia is implementing formation programs for a diverse group of young

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Empowering Youth in the Margins

"By the young and for the young"


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