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Fondacio integrates and acts in a world that moves quickly to make it become more and more humane and just. The News Pages show some of Fondacio’s recent and upcoming events around the world. 

Grow in precariousness

Poverty does not only cause material hardship. It also affects the family link
IFF America ... 2 months already!

Two months ago, the first class of IFF América began its course of "Young protagonists of social change" .

Fondacio participates in the symposium of the International Catholic Center for Cooperation with UNESCO

As a member of the ICAC , Fondacio was present at this event whose objectives were largely achieved thanks to a very

Solar energy to transform the lakeside city of SO Zounko

Initiated following a presentation at the Congress of Fondacio Philippines in June 2018, the solar electrification pr

Fair of Services for Migrants and Chileans in Street Situation
On Saturday, June 23, the last version of the Street Services Fair was held, organized since 2012 by the Gente de la Calle Foundation and which in this opportunity had the collaboration of Fondacio through your PDS program: My Next.
In Chile, new homes for a new life

In Chile, Fondacio helps the most disadvantaged through several projects.

Artemisia to eradicate malaria

Malaria kills more than five hundred thousand people annually. 70% of them are children. 

Protect childhood in danger
Want to act for equal opportunities? Become a school sponsor! Accompany an isolated child and help him to flourish in his schooling. Engage for 1 year and experience a unique human experience!
Discovering the laity in Asia

Charles Bertille, vice-president of Fondacio and coordinator of the movement in Asia, publishes a book on the laity i