News from our partner : Dhiya Association in India

The Dhiya Association is an association, partner of Fondacio, with a charitable aim.
Created in December 2013, it is governed by the law of July 1st 1901 and the decree of August 16th 1901.
It has set up its action in Rajagopalaperi, a village in the south of Tamil Nadu, in India.
It has local partners, themselves constituted as an association:
Annai Rajammal Educational and Charitable Trust (ARECT).

The Dhiya association is committed to partnership and to supporting local actors through the funds it will make available to them.

Schooling in India
Since 2010, school is compulsory for children from 6 to 14 years old.

The Dhiya association, in collaboration with its local partners, has created a free solidarity school.
Its beneficiaries are primarily children from the poorest families and orphans.

The solidarity school responds to a request from the inhabitants of Rajagopalaperi, completed by a field study carried out by the members of the Dhiya association.

Our objectives

  • To allow the continuation of studies and the obtaining of a diploma
  • To contribute to equality between boys and girls and between different backgrounds
  • To fight against poverty through educational, professional, economic and social integration

Last News : 

Equipping the Rajam Centre's classrooms with computers and loudspeakers to optimise the distance learning required since the health crisis.
The pupils work by level and in good conditions thanks to the quality of the connection and the clarity of the sound.
The presence of the Rajam Centre in the village has saved the poor children from the disruption of school rhythms and allows them to prepare for their exams.