News from Reciclo !

The health crisis has been a real opportunity for Reciclo to reinvent itself and listen to the real needs of the population. Indeed, although our activity is limited to teleworking, we keep in touch with the participants of the project thanks to a Whatsapp group of 40 people. They have been able to tell us about their difficulty to work because of the confinement and therefore to eat properly and regularly. 
We therefore applied to an emergency fund of the Chilean State set up especially for the Covid-19 crisis, in order to set up two projects: 

  • Teaching participants online classes to make soaps from recycled cooking oil, so they can sell them and have an income. 
  • Giving a " Garden Kit " to each family so that they can grow their own food, while recycling their plastic bottles. 

There are indeed many food donation initiatives in these times of crisis, which are necessary to respond to the crisis. Nevertheless, we think it is important to propose a long-term solution, because we do not know how long this situation can last. 

Thanks to social networks, we offer solutions every day so that participants learn how to reuse their organic or plastic waste. If we win the fund, we also plan to work with the chef of a large restaurant in Santiago to teach how to cook with organic waste. Since we can no longer harvest for compost as we used to do on a weekly basis, these workshops will help reduce the amount of waste while teaching new ecological and sustainable behaviours. 

Our activity has now been extended to a wider public thanks to a partnership we have created with the pastoral care of the Nicolas high school, the Chilean volunteer fasting group of the Reciclo project. We organised a first online workshop on the theme of "recycling and reuse of waste". A second workshop will be led by Nicolas to teach how to cultivate in recycled pots, and a third to learn the technique of "Tawashi", a sponge made from old recycled clothes. For each of the workshops, we are concerned that it should be useful and within everyone's reach, without the need for special equipment in order to propose activities adapted to the most vulnerable populations. 

At the same time, we seek to strengthen the links between all of Fondacio's different projects. For example, we have set up a new course on medicinal plants organized by Monica, director of the Hortitherapy project, who teaches a group of participants from the Reciclo project every Tuesday how to cultivate and heal themselves with plants.

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