6th Fondacio Congress : follow the forum in Africa live !

The 6th edition of the Fondacio Congress has opened in mid-January. For the first time, it will take place in three phases. The first one will be held on the four continents, from February to June 2022.

During this first phase, several meetings (live and online) will take place on each continent to launch the synodal process.

Follow the link to see the forum live.

Africa first !

The first phase of the Congress will start tomorrow, Saturday 26 Februrary 2022, in Lomé, Togo. A forum, about "Social Entrepreneurship and Professional Integration of Young People", will be held on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 February 2022.

Discover the program, here.

Young entrepreneurs will talk about their experience. There also will be a presentation about artemisia and its production in Africa.

Reflect on the future challenges

Present in ten countries in Africa, Fondacio has been working the fields of education and agricultural entrepreneurship for many years, with a lot of impact. After the forum, working groups will meet to reflect on the future challenges.

Then, the first phase will be held in Colombia, in April ; France, in May ; and Asia, in June. The election of the President will take place in March 2023, before an meeting in Africa in May 2023.

What does Fondacio do in Africa

Fondacio is involved in twelve project with its partners in site, in Africa.

Fondacio has been active in Africa since the 1980s. The “Programme Afrique” (Africa Program) was created in 2015 to gather the projects. It became the “Bureau Afrique” (African Bureau) in 2020, in order to be recognised as the legal representation of Fondacio in Togo and Africa.

It supports 12 projects:

  • In Togo: les Amis pour une nouvelle génération d’enfants, Ange (Friends for a New Generation of Children); Le Jade – Pour la vie! ; Sichem / Agro DR; Asfotode; Success +; and the Institut de formation Fondacio (IFF) in Africa.
  • In Burkina Faso: Macy Ountaani Primary School (EPMO) and the Lycée pour la Promotion des Jeunes (LPJ).
  • In Ivory Coast: Biblioverte and Atchorrotch.
  • In Benin: Sô-Zounko.
  • In Congo: Divina.

Discover more about Fondacio in Africa by reading our thorough article, here.