IFF Europe in Angers - Open

IFF EUROPE IN ANGERS, FRANCE Coming out of the baccalaureate, or during higher education, many students are in difficulty to discern the continuation of their path, to choose a path that makes sense and mobilizes their energy. The dropout rate in France is a strong symptom of this difficulty in projecting and orienting oneself. The school system also produces many students who are suffering in a learning mode that does not build on their strengths. The major upheavals we are experiencing (changes in the world of work, imbalances in our societies and our planet, acceleration of time) make the future uncertain, and it can be difficult for a young person to project himself. Our social system does not always help them to build trust in their resources, awareness of their values, the ability to think about the changing world and to think of themselves as actors in it. It is essential to help them regain confidence in themselves, in their future, in their ability to act with hope and competence, to be among those who participate in a more humane and just world. The D.U. (Bac+1) OPEN - a year to mature your orientation and get involved in the world