Green Pastures a project by Fondacio in Myanmar

Green Pastures Empowering a whole village through education and livelihood 

Te Gyi Village, a small village near Shwebo in Mandalay, has poor accessibility to electricity and water and the villagers generally work as subsistence farmers, or laborers in surrounding towns and villages. With the community’s poverty and poor education, the youth are not motivated to study. Furthermore, their parents would sometimes even opt that that they start working or just help at home instead of pursuing higher education.

Martin is a Fondacio member who cares passionately about his people, this community and particularly the children, whom he got to know through his internship in the village. He set up a goat-breeding social enterprise which funded the education of the village children while at the same time provide extra income for the families doing the goat breeding.

Goat breeding - Five of the poorest families in the village were selected to breed goats, the income from selling the goats would be split between the families and the education project. Martin regularly monitors the goats and oversees the quarterly vaccinations necessary to keep the goats healthy.

Tutorial - Martin sets up daily classes for the village children and the children are enthusiastic about learning! Because of the tutorial Green Pastures is providing, the youth are beginning to experience success in state exams – unheard of previously, and to go on to higher education outside the village.