video Biblioteca Los Almendros

The Library is a Fondacio project in partnership with the NGO Vidascopio, which composes its team together with foreign and local volunteers. This team has created an educational network in the sector, with which it works closely (Las Araucarias, Las Azucenas and Rayen Mahui kindergartens, Las Canteras Colleges, El Trigal and the Padre Hurtado Institute).

It is also linked to the municipal network of childhood and youth and the local health center, which is why it participates in fairs and cultural events or services several times a year (month of the book, fair of Women, of youth…).

In 2018, Los Almendros Library served more than 850 children through its various activities, 150 adults and 500 families living near the site. Year after year this beautiful project continues to grow!