Succes + by Fondacio in Togo : Children Animations

Success+ is a fondacio project in Togo launched in August 2006, the project aims to reduce the wandering and academic failure of young people in the Hountigomé district of Lomé, where Fondacio Togo is headquartered, and offers them various activities to improve their school work and promote their personal and social development.

It offers various activities for children:

School support: school support is offered regularly throughout the week to local children. The children themselves are used to revising their lessons in the premises of Succès +.

Socio-educational activities: educational talks, competitions, film screenings, educational games, manual activities, sports are regularly offered to children.

Library: since March 2008, it has made many books, children's magazines, etc. available to children and adults. It is open every day for on-site reading or book loans, and thus contributes to the development of culture in the neighbourhood and to improving student achievement (spelling, vocabulary, curiosity).