Fondacio in Togo : Le Jade pour la Vie !

Le JADE - Pour la Vie !
Since 2002 the association "Le JADE - Pour la Vie ! "contributes to the fight against HIV/AIDS in Togo.

Togo remains the third most infected country in the sub-region. The challenges remain numerous, including strengthening prevention, comprehensive HIV care and governance.

In 2017 Le Jade-Pour la Vie! transformed the CMS into a Peripheral Care Unit (USP-Type II) offering general consultations, gynaecology-obstetrics, an analysis laboratory and a pharmacy open to all publics. Within this new unit, the association continues its work with people living with HIV/AIDS, according to 3 axes:

Prevention: particular emphasis has been placed on the prevention of young people in recent years (youth listening point, "Tent-Sex" educational exhibition, training of peer educators among young people)

Medical care: consultations and follow-up, provision of ARVs, assessments, analyses
Psycho-social care: visits, interviews, therapeutic education, discussion groups, specific support for children, nutritional, school, medical support, IGA program for women, etc.