ANGE by Fondacio Construction of the reception center "Mon Refuge

Les " Amis pour une Nouvelle Génération des Enfants " in short A.N.G.E. is a development NGO created in 2001 which aims to defend and promote the rights and interests of children. Children in street situations and those in conflict with the law are its main targets. For the effectiveness of its actions, ANGE has two reception centres: "Dans la maison de mon Père" in Lomé and "Mon Refuge" located 20 km from Lomé in the canton of Kpomé.

- The "Mon Refuge" Reception Centre, created in 2009 20 km from Lomé to deal with the repeated running away of certain difficult cases. It serves as a living, accommodation and accommodation environment, away from the city of Lomé and its many temptations. An agro-pastoral farm, a restaurant and the proximity of the Sichem/Agro-DR training centre enable young people to live and learn to facilitate their social reintegration. The restaurant activity and the sale of agricultural products are a source of income for the project, with production making it possible to improve the food intake of all children in the care of ANGE.