ONG ANGE : The library of Tchekpo opens its doors!

It is in the heart of the village of Tchekpo Dédékpoè (50 kilometers north of Lomé) that the library has been set up to welcome children and adults. ANGE's objective in developing activities in this locality over the past few years is to introduce students to extracurricular and recreational activities in order to improve their education. Reading, tutoring, debates, theater, choir, dance, drawing, board games... the possibilities to have fun while learning are varied! 

The reading club takes place on Wednesday afternoons and encourages children in their learning of the French language. Sitting in small groups and according to their reading level, the children take turns reading a story chosen by them. They are cheerful and hard-working. Then, at the end of the session, 5 children volunteer to borrow a book and give a summary to the rest of the group the following Wednesday. This rotation aims to awaken a desire to read and a taste for literature! 

Depending on the class and grade level, tutoring takes place at Ange on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons to allow the children to review their lessons and deepen their understanding of certain concepts. In addition, the talks/debates also fuel the discovery of new knowledge for the children, everyone participates and forms an opinion. Raising awareness on social issues remains an essential weapon in the education of children.

Concerning creative activities, the library offers drama classes on Saturday afternoons as part of the staging of a show. The theme is the search for happiness and will take place next February. The children have the opportunity to improvise, to bring their ideas and to work in teams. In addition, there is a choir and dance classes on Wednesday afternoons. Children and adults learn to combine their abilities to achieve a common project, and mutual aid is also emphasized to allow the younger children to take their place. These activities are the favorites and attract many children to the library. 

However, the education sector is confronted to a lack of materials. Indeed, some activities (for example, physical education and sports) are not yet implemented because there is not enough adequate equipment for a session. In addition, there is a need for school books and textbooks to support the academic support. Within the framework of computer courses, the provision of computers is essential to familiarize the children with the use of technological tools. Finally, drawing and board games remain essential activities for children. This allows them to unleash their creativity and to work on their logic and memory in a fun and entertaining way. Nothing beats a coloring or card game session! 


The library relies on the generosity of the donations it receives to improve the quality of the activities offered. With the enthusiasm of the children, Ange's team is eager to respond to their desire to have fun and learn in the perspective of a quality education! 

Constance Gillier and Marie-Liesse Vinet