If the registrations for the D.U OPEN (Orientation to Project Engagement) started in January and some students have already chosen to follow this training course at the beginning of next school year, there are still a few places to be taken. Isn't it time to take an interest? What is the interest of this University Diploma? Three questions to Yves-Marie Teynié, its pedagogical manager.

Is this so particular period of confinement appropriate to ask oneself questions of orientation and to make choices of studies?

Yes and no! This confinement happens in a period which is still the period of orientation choices. For some, it can be a good opportunity to think about it in a more calm way, to give oneself spaces for silence, reading, reflection, listening to video testimonies from professionals... For others, it is not necessarily easy to find the means to enlighten the decisions to be taken. And some may feel helpless, without knowing how to move forward. The lack of interaction can in this case rather serve.

What can IFF Europe's OPEN D.U. (Bac +1) specifically offer them? Why do you think this degree course is particularly recommendable?

Between the search for the ideal job, the feeling of having to make a choice for the rest of their lives, the need to be sure of their decision ... many young people find themselves in difficulty when it comes to defining a direction! Choosing the right career requires getting to know each other better, talking to peers who ask the same questions, meeting people who talk about their background or their profession, living experiences that help us to get to know each other better in a concrete situation, better understanding the world in which we live and its challenges in order to find what gives meaning to our commitments and our actions... It also requires understanding our world in the midst of upheaval, and the part we want to play in it.

For those who haven't had the chance to do this work earlier, containment can be an obstacle. This is precisely the path we propose through the D.U. (bac+1) OPEN, to allow students to make a mature, coherent and motivating choice of orientation, consistent with what they discover about themselves.

But the OPEN year is more than a choice of orientation. Behind the question of orientation, we propose a much broader focus, which touches on self-knowledge, gaining confidence, identifying one's strengths and weaknesses, but also going beyond one's limits. Through the various workshops, seminars and field experiences, students can take responsibility, learn to make choices and become the author of their lives. They also develop working methods that allow them to become more autonomous. This year is an opportunity to lay the foundations for their adult life, both personal and professional.

"Our candidates come mostly by word of mouth, it is the network that reports on the relevance of this training. »

Is it really a useful, even effective training? Why is it useful?

Numerous former students testify how much this year has been groundbreaking in their careers. Many say they have found a new dynamic in their studies, because they have a goal, objectives and they find meaning in what they do. But how do you measure effectiveness when it comes to guidance? Our desire is to enable each young person to have a clear project for the years to come. But we know that guidance is not a decision you make at 18 or 20 years old for your whole life! What adult can say at the age of 50 or 60 that he knew at 18 what job he would be doing thirty years later? As we all know, guidance is built throughout life. Our job is to enable students to be equipped to continue building their project. We want them to have the tools and reflexes that will allow them to live the stage serenely and efficiently when a question of reorientation arises. The proof of satisfaction? Our candidates come overwhelmingly by word of mouth, it is the network that reports on the relevance of this training.


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