Carried by a vision of faith on man, Fondacio proposes ways to give meaning to his life, to live more authentic relationships, to respond to the challenges of today's world.


By offering spaces for reflection and spiritual openness, moments of exchange with others, insights into man and life, opportunities for involvement in projects. 

In all Fondacio's activities, everyone is welcomed as he/she is. This experience is available to all: Fondacio is a movement based on a Christian community, which proposes to everyone to make a journey according to their aspirations, possibilities and calls, and to participate together in the construction of a more human and just world.

The community grace in Fondacio is incarnated in different ways in different places:

  • It irrigates our formations.
  • It marks our sessions and our pedagogy (for example through "small sharing groups" where everyone is invited to say "I" on intimate subjects and where we try to apply a rule of non-judgment and unconditional welcome). 
  • It marks our missionary projects, where time is always reserved, even in the heat of action, for free moments of sharing and prayer. 

Fondacio believes that a path of unity is possible between individuals from different social backgrounds, cultures, age groups, but also between people of different faiths. 

At the heart of these encounters is a true and open friendship, a friendship that transforms and makes more human, a friendship that manifests God's love for the world and for every human person, a friendship like the one Jesus shares with his companions and all those who cross his path.

People who want to can invest more strongly in the alliance community that Fondacio is: they are called "the committed". 

Many people participate in the life and missionary activities of Fondacio, without being involved. The community recognizes, thanks and rejoices in their participation, feeling accompanied and supported by their friendship.

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