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A major conviction: the transformation of the world requires the transformation of the self and the consolidation of the "inner man". No new world without a new man.

A pedagogy that takes into account the human being as a whole

At the beginning, the activity was essentially oriented towards the formation of young adults, evangelization and the deployment of lay vocations in the middle of the world to bring "something new" to it. 

Soon, a pedagogy was established and tools were developed, which made it possible to welcome an ever-increasing number of people and eager to grow both humanly and spiritually. This pedagogy promotes the integral development of the person.

Three dimensions in which Fondacio's charism based on the Gospel and expressed in his DNA is exercised, gradually emerge in unity as three dynamics of life and growth: being true, being with, being for

Through their own proposals or those of organizations close to Fondacio, people live a true path of transformation and conversion affecting the entire person, in unity and harmony "body-soul-mind". We are talking about the integral development of the person…

Training proposals that are now aimed at a variety of audience. 

Over time, proposals are developed targeted at other audiences who are thirsty for a "plus" for their lives or commitments, in search of meaning, or simply in research (leaders in society, couples and families, seniors, people in precarious situations). 

Formation occupies a major place in the proposals made to each of these audiences, with the conviction that the transformation of the world involves the transformation of the self and the consolidation of the "inner man" through the Spirit (Cf. St. Paul in the Epistle to the Ephesians, Ep 3:14-16).

From the Institutes of Formation Fondacio, the IFFs, to a diversified offer to be discovered in each country/continent.

The proposals take different forms, depending on the local contexts and cultures of the countries: sessions, cycles, journeys, spiritual retreats, training programs, projects. 

Institute of Formation Fondacio

The Institutes of Formation Fondacio are on the 4 continents. Facing the ever-widening range of possibilities, the uncertain future of the planet, the upheaval of values, young people increasingly need solid training and support to orient themselves properly and make their way.

An Institute of Formation Fondacio on each continent 

On each of the 4 continent where Fondacio has developed, a Institute of Formation Fondacio has been created: IFF Europe in Angers (France) and Louvain la Neuve (Belgium), IFF Asia in Manila (Philippines), IFF Africa in Lomé (Togo), and finally, in 2015, the IFF America (Santiago de Chile). 

They enable young adults to reflect on their vocational axis, discovering their own talents, and acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will allow them to develop fully in their personal and professional lives. And thus, to become actors of change in the world. 

A particular approach to young people in extreme poverty is being applied, mainly in Asian countries, in specific YLDC, Youth Leadership and Development Centers, whose objective is to provide the basis for developing an income-generating activity and thus to be an actor in social and economic life within their own country.

Finally, projects relating to the education of children and young people have developed in some countries and make it possible to give young people the necessary education so that they too can later become agents of change in the heart of the world, in their living environment. 

In connection with Fondacio's DNA, every member of Fondacio undertakes to continue a path of transformation - to become oneself with and for others in the spirit of the Gospel - in the forms that suit him, to gradually become a little more "spark of change in the heart of the world", as the 2018 Fondacio International Congress defined and promoted it, to be together the builders of a more human and just world.


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