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In its "leadership" activity, Fondacio is at the service of people who seek to transform their way of being a leader, manager, professional, young professional, giving priority to the humanization of men and society, in reference to the Spirit of the Gospel.


Our participants are Christian leaders or future leaders (leaders, managers, professionals, young professionals) in companies, associations, administrations. 

Non-Christians are welcome if they agree to follow an explicitly Christian approach, knowing that they are respected in their convictions. To do this, we want to help participants to:

  • make sense.
  • take a step back. 
  • to seek their vocation.
  • address their vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities.
  • integrate the complexity of their professional lives.
  • to enlighten their consciences from the practice and social thought of the Church.
  • to be nourished by the relationship with God and by a Christian vision of man and the world.
  • to support each other in this process, in an atmosphere of mutual listening and kindness.
  • and, if they so wish, to engage in mission in the service of the Kingdom of God.

Our activities

"Unifier ma vie" cycle: Annual sessions, for a weekend, to silence, to reread one's life, to discern, to recharge one's batteries.

Sharing groups, the fraternities, composed of 5 to 7 people who meet regularly and discuss, according to Fondacio's pedagogy, themes of reflection related to their professional, personal or family concerns. Within these fraternities, a spirit of mutual aid develops in a climate of benevolence.

Teaching or reflection sessions, during a WE, on a theme related to the economic or professional world.

Missions, for those who wish so, in connection with their professional know-how, to help build a more humane and just world, within Fondacio, its partners or humanitarian projects.

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"I am 57 years old and I have never taken the time for a weekend of silence as I just did at the Abbey of Lerins with Fondacio. I came out very shaken, aware of the real priorities of my life, and determined to implement them."

"I have been part of a fraternity of leaders for 3 years and this small monthly meeting has become very valuable: it is the only place where I can give myself frankly, in a climate of benevolence and security, and address my concerns, weaknesses and fears. This mutual assistance is extraordinary."

"At 30 years old, after 5 years of work, I was asking myself the question of the meaning of my life, of my work. After a session in Lérins that left its mark on me, I joined a "young pros" fraternity where I am delighted to meet young people who are also looking for the meaning of their professional activity. With several, we will find it easier."

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